Ex-SKID row Singer SEBASTIAN BACH's 'Slave come The Grind' 30th-Anniversary U.S. Tour To Kick off In October

June 11, 20210Comments


Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach will certainly celebrate the 30th anniversary that the band"s second album, "Slave come The Grind", ~ above a U.S. Tour this fall. He will do the LP in its whole at all mirrors on the trek, which will kick turn off in October, with exact days to be announced soon.

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Earlier today, Sebastian common an unboxing video of the recent vinyl release of "Slave come The Grind", which came on record Store day in 2020, and he contained the following message: "30 years earlier today the album "Slave come The Grind" became the very very first heavy steel album in background to debut in ~ number one on the Billboard album chart. My dad was commissioned by Atlantic Records to create and also paint the cover for the album which i have had on my wall for 30 year now.

"Here"s a video clip unboxing the latest vinyl relax of "Slave to The Grind" which come out last document Store work in 2020. Maybe one work we have the right to come together as a band and give the pan what they worthy which is a suitable release from the master original tapes. Until that time watch if friend can discover an original pressing the the record however they room not straightforward to find.

"How ironic is it the Michael Wagener the producer that "Slave come The Grind" announces his retirement the exact same year some finish strangers take over our record and do every little thing they desire without any of our say or knowledge. Five well that"s showbiz i guess.

"Anyways obtain ready for the "Slave to The Grind" 30th Anniversary Tour beginning this October in the joined States! Details TBA obtain ready come rock mother Truckers!!!"

Bach previously performed "Slave to The Grind" in its entirety in October 2019 in ~ the Whisky A go Go in West Hollywood, California. Previously that fall, he completed a U.S. Tour throughout which he commemorated the 30th anniversary that SKID ROW"s self-titled debut album.

Last summer, SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan told SiriusXM"s "Trunk country With Eddie Trunk" the he and also his bandmates would embark on a "Slave to The Grind" 30th-anniversary tourism in 2021. "We"ll do the album in its entirety, and also then we"re gonna execute a bunch of stuff to coincide through it," he said. "We"re nice psyched, and the shows are booked. We"re maintaining our fingers crossed that everything is gonna involved pass… It"ll it is in cool, come go the end there and do "Slave to The Grind" peak to the bottom. That"ll it is in fun."

According come Bolan, SKID ROW didn"t storage the 30th anniversary the the band"s self-titled debut album in 2019 due to the fact that "the time didn"t really work out. We had so much other ingredient planned, and also then every one of a sudden, boom, it to be here," the explained. "Maybe under the roadway . Maybe 40th . "

In June 2019, Bach authorize an "open invitation" to the other members that SKID ROW"s standard lineup to "get onstage and jam" during the vocalist"s last tour. A few days later, throughout an interview v Finland"s Kaaos TV, guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo shown that he would certainly not accept Bach"s latest overture. "I"m working through my band," that said. "This is SKID ROW, and also this is what i do."

Drummer Rob Affuso — who left SKID ROW in 1998 and claims to be "the only former member that keeps in call with all previous SKID ROW bandmates and also is still an excellent friends through them all" — ultimately joined Bach in September 2019 at Sony hall in brand-new York City to play the band"s classic song "Makin" A Mess".

Asked through Rolling Stone if he thinks his former bandmates room offended the he put his invitation out there publicly, Bach said: "No. Ns think it"s one ego thing. They don"t like as soon as I gain attention, and they don"t obtain attention. It"s constantly been like that. Ns can currently see them obtaining mad, due to the fact that I"m selling out shows, and they"re not part of the show, and also blah, blah, blah."

Bach front SKID ROW till 1996, as soon as he was fired. Rather of throwing in the towel, the remaining members take it a hiatus and also went on come play briefly in a band called OZONE MONDAY.

In 1999, SKID ROW reformed and, after ~ a bit of shuffling end the years, featured a lineup consists of Bolan and guitarists Sabo and Scotti Hill, together Hammersmith and singer Johnny Solinger.

SKID ROW fired Solinger end the phone call in April 2015, a couple of hours prior to announcing ex-TNT vocalist Tony Harnell together his replacement. Eight month later, Harnell exited the band and was changed by south African-born, British-based singer ZP Theart, who formerly fronted DRAGONFORCE, TANK and I am I.

In February 2019, Sabo told "Trunk country With Eddie Trunk" the SKID ROW come "pretty close" to reuniting through Bach ~ Harnell"s leave from the band. But then the clarified: "I stated "pretty close," and also that"s actually no true. Because we didn"t get past text messaging every other, to be quite honest. The very same old stuff just seemed come exist where there to be this confrontational type of demeanor going ago and forth between myself and also Sebastian.

"I"m therefore proud that what we were may be to produce throughout the entire background of this band, and also that will never ever change," that continued. "But part things just don"t work-related anymore and people walk their separate ways and also you can"t get that ago together. And I"m fine v that.

"I play music to it is in happy," Sabo added. "I don"t play music because that a paycheck. It"s great to obtain paid to carry out what you love. However I"ve never ever done it for the money. It"s always been about my love that music, and also that"s what it still is. At my old crusty age, it"s still due to the fact that I love the guitar and also I love creating. And I love the response. Ns love being able to attach in some method with one audience. That"s why I started playing music — since I didn"t know just how to communicate, for this reason it came out through music, through songs.

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"Playing through <ZP> in the tape has lugged a real joyousness earlier to ours lives. You deserve to see the — it"s no faked or phony. You have the right to see it when we play. And that"s what i live because that — ns live for those moment of simply absolute joy.

"A reunion Sebastian> would have been good for a most other people who have wanted to watch that happen," Snake said. "But because that us, it would not have actually been pleasurable, to be rather honest."