During AnimeJapan 2021 this Sleepy Princess anime crucial visual was released. Pic credit: Studio Doga Kobo

“The story that began with the captive princess and also the Demon monarchs turned right into the scariest princess and the gentle and entertaining friends of the Demon Castle!” said Princess Sya voice actress Inori Minase. “It to be a task that taught me the funny of connecting with each other and also the depths of gag acting. I’m still haven’t had enough play and sleep, so I’m hoping for an additional opportunity!”

The very first season of the anime was produced by Japanese computer animation studio Doga Kobo, which also produced the Ikebukuro West gate Park anime in the exact same 2020 time frame. The studio is best known for adapting manga slice-of-life comedies favor Asteroid in Love, How hefty Are The Dumbbells girlfriend Lift?, and new Game!

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So, arguably, they’re the perfect fit for making Sleep Princess Season 2. Many of the main staff has worked together in the past for studio Doga Kobo.

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For the first season, the anime task was helmed by director Mitsue Yamazaki, that is best known because that directing How hefty Are The Dumbbells girlfriend Lift?. His activity chops come from gift an episode director top top the Bleach anime collection (the Bleach Season 17 release date is collection for 2021).

Writer Yoshiko Nakamura (Re:Zero Season 2) wrote the series composition. Artist Ai Kikuchi (How hefty Are The Dumbbells friend Lift?, new Game!) was the personality designer. Composer Yukari Hashimoto (How heavy Are The Dumbbells girlfriend Lift?, March come In prefer A Lion) developed the series’ music.

The Sleepy Princess in the Demon lock Season 2 OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme tune music have not yet been announced.

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For the very first season, the Sleepy Princess OP to be “Sleep! A great Night’s Sleep! Syalist Life (Kaimin! Anmin! Syalist Seikatsu)” together performed by Inori Minase, the Japanese voice actress because that Princess Sya.

In a November 2020 interview, the director noted that the OP alone has over 1,800 illustrations for the animation. Considering that whole episodes will sometimes be in the 3,000 come 4,000 range that’s quite crazy!

(On a quirky next note, Minase likewise voices the demon maid Rem in Re:Zero. The Demon Cat stamp from Sleepy Princess illustration 2 to be voiced by Satomi Arai, that voices Beatrice native Re:Zero.)