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Can Yuki and Ayame aid Eri’s distress when trying to keep their family members united? Yuki and also Ayame are ago from Marakoma through Reiko. After finally managing to help her v her very own parents lock still have actually to face their best challenge. Atsushi, Yuki and also Ayame’s father, is completely unaware of every the points Reiko did when she was young and he doesn’t know all the naughty stuff the members that her family are increase to. This time, it’s all or nothing. The girl will need to use every the aces they have actually up your sleeves to make certain things end the appropriate way. It’s around their very own father ~ all. And also as if things weren’t tough enough, Eri, the erotic star born in Marakoma will likewise need your help: someone desires her career to it is in over and also due to the circumstances, the sisters are the just ones who can aid her.

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Install instructions: :

1- Extract to preferred location.2- click “game.exe” to begin playing.


v1.0– much more than 1800 images– 175 various hentai scene to unlock– much more than 40 different base images– 51 trophies to unlock– much more than 150 charsets models– more than 70 different maps– 120 commerce cards to collect– and many more!v0.99– 4 new H scenes– 1 new base image– 31 new pics– 75 reworked/revamped pics– 9 new Slice of arts cards– 8 new unlockable trophies– 2 new quests– A new itemv0.9

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Corrections:– repair the lack of mouth icon when hovering end Mat throughout evenings in the countless mode.– corrected multiple occurences wherein conversations started prior to the sprite image finished loading.– corrected the absence of SE once you obtained stats by reading the DVD or getting the tissue-selling bonus for one of the sisters.– corrected the absence of walking icons in some of the zoo’s underground corridors.– corrected the gestion that darkness in the zoo’s underground corridors: Now, every corridor is darker 보다 usual.– corrected the reality the nurse talk to the lady taking care of the shrine readjusted look relying on the conversation level.– repair the reality the nurse and shrine lady conversation wasn’t updated after the sisters mentionned check it (conversation around checking the was additionally tweaked).– Corrected that tiny white period at the bottom appropriate of the tongue icon.– repair the truth that Atsushi/Ayame second car scene might loop infinitely. There’s now a brand-new dialogue line as soon as talking to Atsushi after the scene.– corrected the absence of BGM throughout Reiko/Ayame’s second and 3rd cunni scene.– repair the absence of BGM fade out throughout Yuki/Ayame’s WS futa scene.– corrected the critical pic of the second Ayame/Atsushi automobile scene v the correct one.– corrected the amount essential to unlock the 1 Millions Yens trophy (numbers were still using the old system).– corrected a bug purchasing 5 booster packs when ordering 4 (you didn’t phone call me ~ above purpose, eh? >=D).– repair a dialogue box when clicking the poster in the festival (changed content).– Corrected many occurences whereby unlocking a location wouldn’t unlock the “10 places unlocked” Trophy.– repair the fact the trophy awarded for unlocking stat boost through Mat didn’t unlock.– repair an occurence the old conversation version worrying the “Stop Fucking everyone” quest.– corrected the truth the Trophy for spending 20 nights ~ above Yuki’s pc couldn’t get unlocked.– corrected the absence of preview for several of the videos watchable on Eri’s Laptop.– repair the reality the BGM maintained playing in ~ the end of grandfather Hirako’s blowjob.– corrected a bug that do Ayame very first after safety the evening through Yuki outside.– repair the absence of symbols when hovering the civilization in the park.– corrected the fact that grandfather Dekai’s appartment unlocking take it a totality day instead of half of it.– corrected a bug that left Reiko’s masturbating computer animation playing after the fourth scene.Gameplay updates:– every instances of stat growth of the video game have been refined with the color-coded text and the stat animation going end the concerned sister’s head.– The pantsjob scene v the hobo doesn’t provide an extra +2 perversion anymore.– The book “The research of Sodomy” can now be read throughout evenings. If done, it’ll provide a bonus stat come the girl reading it and also will occupy she evening quite than spend a daytime unit if excellent after school.– Considering their rarity, the potential stats bonus of the society cleaning project are now of 2 rather of simply 1.– The base stats the the sisters have actually been readjusted to fit your personalities: every stats cummulated, they begin with greater stats (20 points rather of 12).– The trophy list has actually been updated! consisting of the previously broken trophies, the video game now has 19 brand-new trophies!– The rare map won for having actually clicked end 400 times in the gardening mini-game will now constantly be an ultra rare card.– if not totally finished, now every Anthology consists of clues around the different recipes.– Eri’s Laptop for rewatching shooting videos has been updated! every monkey scenes and also Yuki/Ayame Futanari scene are currently available!– eliminated the impossibility come come inside Mr Hirako’s room during week days.Gameplay Additions:– Mio’s big quest is now obtainable in the game! obtain to know a bit more about Mio and take that opportunity to unlock more animals in the zoo! (thought scenes v those aren’t ready yet, i m really sorry ^^’)– The “Souvenir Book” is now available! You need to gain all the cards of part of art to gain it native Chie. Gaining is will permit you to replay all the scene of the video game that aren’t shot for Eri. Girlfriend can find it in the newly included bookshelf in ~ the an initial floor the the Minazukis’ house.– Exceptionnaly because that that upgrade the “Souvenir Book” will certainly be easily accessible from the start.– The end are currently persistant! thanks to that, the town hall a negative or an excellent ending until the finish will unlock it forever in the “Souvenir Book”! (It won’t work-related with ahead saves. You need to rewatch all poor ends starting v0.9)– 3 brand-new maps were included to the game. The bathrooms of the zoo’s staff & the retirement house are now available.– 2 brand-new elements have been added to the video game (though no usable however :x).Art Additions:– 7 brand-new scenes have actually been added to the game.– 61 new pics have actually been included to the game.– 5 brand-new icons have been added to the game (2 elements and 3 items).– 18 new trophies have actually been added to the game.– A brand-new animation has actually been added to the game.– A new NPC character have been added to the game.Art Corrections:– complete pics the were reworked/corrected/revamped because that this version: 56– Reiko’s reversed sprites were corrected (30 pics). The reversed variation now has actually her tatoos on her left arm and also her eye colors room now meaningful with the common sprite. The naked mischievous version was also corrected (wrong collection of brows).– A bunch that Naomi/Monkey pics to be corrected (mainly liquid problems). 9 pics to be corrected.– The trophies frames have actually been tweaked with a shining effet to do them a bit less dark.– part trophies had a white outline approximately the frame: it has been removed.– JFC contempt tweaked 8 that his chibi pics. Some white outlines have also been corrected.– new batch of old pics revamped :– Atsushi/Eri step : – Eri’s eyes and also mouths have been tweaked– Atsushi’s wrinkles have actually been removed– Eri’s jewels were included in both positions– Eri’s pantyhose was included in both positions– The lift was entirely redone– complete pics changed: 8