—Ideal dimension for an in-line blocker (6"5", 257 pounds). Short arms may be a issue for teams looking to add the run-blocking specialist, however.

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—Quick enough to be supplied as a relocate blocker, and also he gets off the ball when asked to block at the 2nd level.

—Strength to be a plus on film even if he didn"t carry out well in the bench press. Have the right to handle bigger body just as well if not much better than tiny targets.

—Sinks hips and also anchors well as soon as asked to pass-protect.

—Shows more promise than production as a recipient (15 records in 2017).


—One-trick pony? Wasn"t utilized much in the happen game, which may be due to quarterback play.

—Lacks rate to it is in a hazard up the seam.

—Limited route-running capability due come experience and also slow feet in routes.

—Runs one speed through routes, so he struggles to separate.


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—Doesn"t produce matchup difficulties for the opposite defenses, so most linebackers will have the ability to stay through him.


Smythe is an exceptional blocker. His technique, strength and also agility every look great. The knock on him is his absence of production and also film in the happen game. A run-heavy, two-tight-end-set team will love to find Smythe quiet on the plank on day 3. He will fill a role and carry out depth at tight finish while ending up being one that the best in-line blockers in the NFL.

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GRADE: 5.75 (Round 5)

PRO PLAYER COMPARISON: Virgil Green, Denver Broncos

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