When ns was young ns was invincible, I uncover myself now thinking twice, I never ever thought about no future, its just the role of the dice.

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yet the day might come when you"ve gained something to lose, and also just when you think you"re excellent paying dues and also you say come yourself, dear God what have actually I done? and hope that is not too late "cause tomorrow may never come. Reach because that the Sky, "cause tomorrow may never come Reach for the Sky, "cause tomorrow may never come Yesterday is history and tomorrow"s a an enig But baby ideal now, the just around you and me,
You deserve to run you can hide, similar to Bonnie and Clyde Reach for the sky ain"t never gonna die, and I say thanks to the lord for the love I have actually found and also hold you tight reason tomorrow might never come. therefore if you please take this moment shot if you have the right to make it critical Don"t think around no future and also just forget around the past

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Miss you Nathan and also miss friend Omar!!! Gone too soon! ok live the rest of mine life because that you guys and also do it like you guys did. Keep you nearby to my heart