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The south Carolina Gamecocks signed the majority of your 2018 recruiting class Wednesday as college football’s brand-new early signing duration started. Of the 23 prospects right now committed, 20 of them put pen come paper, and also 13 will certainly be top top campus following month. The breakdown, through asterisks indicating at an early stage enrollees:

Class the 2018

Four-star WR mockery VannFour-star QB Dakereon Joyner*Four-star DB Jaycee HornFour-star DE Kingsley Enagbare*Three-star CB Jonathan GipsonThree-star OT Maxwell Iyama*Three-star RB Deshaun Fenwick*Three-star C Hank Manos*Three-star RB Lavonte Valentine*Three-star DL Tyreek Johnson*Three-star DT Jabari EllisThree-star S Israel Mukuamu*Three-star OT Jesus GibbsThree-star LB Ernest Jones*Three-star OT Wyatt Campbell*Three-star WR Tyquan JohnsonThree-star S RJ Roderick*Three-star WR Darius Rush*Three-star OG Jovaughn Gwyn*Three-star LB Rosendo Louis

Not signing this week

The following recruits held off, possibly since of academic reasons.

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Three-star DT Lamarius BensonThree-star WR Ronnie JamisonThree-star ATH Bryce ThompsonFour-star JUCO possibility Marlon character Jr.

Signing work surprises

A couple undecided prospects had the Gamecocks in the mix and also made it official. Rosendo louis flipped from Florida State after ~ the Seminoles’ coaching staff changes, and also North Carolina product Jovaughn Gwyn made decision South Carolina over the in-state Wolfpack.

Currently, south Carolina’s class is detailed at 16th country in 247Sports’ composite team rankings. The Gamecocks’ course isn’t quite full, therefore we’ll check out what happens in the final push prior to Feb. 1.

Muschamp gives a couple of updates

Coach will certainly Muschamp met with the media ~ above Wednesday afternoon, welcoming the signees and additionally bringing us up to speed after what has been a quiet couple of weeks after ~ the finish of the consistent season.

The offensive coordinator search, and also other staffing details

Most importantly, Muschamp mutual the Gamecocks’ setup to fill the end their staff. Under new NCAA rules, south Carolina can add a 10th coach and will carry out so by Jan. 9. Muschamp is angling because that some much more help on one-of-a-kind teams.

Will Muschamp shown that he"s searching for some assist for Coleman Hutzler for special teams, to go in addition to some recruiting assistance, when asked about the 10th assistant coach, which he"ll hire on Jan. 9.

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Muschamp also confirmed that previous receivers coach Bryan McClendon will certainly be acquiring a true audition during the bowl video game for the attack coordinator position. He additionally indicated that Bobby Bentley is no a factor, regardless of some pan clamoring for the Byrnes High mastermind to get a stab at it:

Muschamp: Shakes his head no when asked if Bobby Bentley would certainly be OC. Absolutely capable, but at this time, it"s McClendon or an external candidate.

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Instead, Bentley has been reassigned native coaching running backs come quarterbacks. Additionally, tight ends coach beat Washington will now coach running backs, and former Gamecock quarterback Seth Strickland will certainly assume Washington’s old responsibilities.

A decision on south Carolina’s following offensive coordinator i will not ~ be made until after the Outback Bowl versus Michigan. We’ll check out which names begin popping up in the rumor mill over the coming weeks.