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Here in St. Louis where Make that Mid-Century is located, we have actually a plethora of fabulous mid-century shops native which to choose. Certainly, over there is constantly Craigslist (you never understand what goodies could pop increase there) yet we likewise have a wide range of stores catering come the mid-century aesthetic. These room a couple of of our favorites.


Rocket Century has a exorbitant mix the furnishings and smalls every in a gorgeous room with high ceilings and also the initial hex-tile floor. They likewise carry a ton the mid-century arts from proclaiming to well art. Commodities are an altering all the time, but you deserve to keep increase with few of the perform online here. If girlfriend aren"t native St. Luigi or visiting, Kristina still ships her pieces out to customers about the country.

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Rocket Century is a wonderful shop nestled in the love of the southern Grand business district. Rocket Century has actually been about in one kind or an additional since 2010 starting with an online-only presence and expanding in 2012 come a physical deal with and growing ever larger due to the fact that 2014 through the enhancement of a collective of certified dealer that provide the shop with their distinctive (and fabulous) finds. Kristina Starr is the owner and you"ll often find her behind the desk at the shop, ready to talk all points mid-century come whoever happens upon the shop. Her last name can not be much more perfect through a shop dubbed Rocket Century!



South Jeff MCM is, together the name implies, is situated on south Jefferson and straddles the McKinley Heights and Fox Park areas of St. Louis. The store tends to have a number of more modern mid-century piece such together 1970"s pieces and some Hollywood Regency layout items. Castle are just open top top Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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South Jefferson Mid-Century contemporary is another good store for mid-century finds. Their space includes a showroom increase front with a large, open up warehouse an are in backfilled come the gills v fun finds. You almost need spelunking equipment to make your means through the back. The commodities here are much less curated and also ofttimes in require of a tiny love. Their prices reflect this and also quite often all something requirements is a rapid rub-down v some danish oil or Restore-a-Finish. They even have quite a an option of vintage vinyl here to gain your groove on.

Chances space you"ll satisfy Hannah upon walking in the store and as you"re oohing and aahing in ~ the upholstery on this pieces, you"ll have Hannah"s partner Jeff to thank. He"s the upholstery king in the shop and makes even the saddest pieces look prefer new. As result of the brilliant an option of fabrics, you"d never recognize that items to be re-upholstered. (Can you tell I"m a little jealous that Jeff"s skill?) Confluence modern-day often posts their products to your website or other social media however do you yourself a favor and also head on under to the south Hampton community of St. Louis and also pay them a visit.

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Confluence contemporary is a new kid top top the block right here in St. Louis, yet they"ve certainly made a splash. Their commodities (while ever-changing) are impeccable and also downright gorgeous come boot.

Don"t involved the keep thinking that you"re going to breeze through the merchandise in thirty minute or so; the place is therefore chock full of items that it deserve to start to provide you vertigo trying to look at everything. This is a location that you"ll want to come ago to frequently - no only since the merchandise alters daily, but due to the fact that of the overwhelming lot of points to see. TFA has furniture, kitchenware, barware, Pyrex, vintage plank games, lighting (oh, the lighting!) and also vintage clothing and also costume jewelry. If you"re searching for it, TFA probably has it and also if lock don"t, i bet lock can uncover it.

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If Confluence contemporary is the brand-new kid ~ above the block, TFA (The Future Antiques) is the grand-daddy of them all. TFA has been approximately since the mid-1990"s; well prior to the heat we"ve watched in the 2010"s because that mid-century goods and furnishings. They"ve had actually a few locations, however their existing store is perfectly positioned on historical Route 66 just on the edge of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood.

One the the ideal parts the the store has to be the world who work-related here. They room the nicest, friendliest civilization around. Located on an industrial section that Manchester road in the Cheltenham neighborhood, there"s always good stuff at The eco-friendly Shag Market.

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The environment-friendly Shag market is a big antique mall and also consignment shop. They have more than simply mid-century, but with a name favor "Green Shag" you know that they have plenty of late mid-century vintage items. It has come to be a favorite haunt because that my husband and also me. Friend never understand what you"ll revolve up at the green Shag! filled with about 60 booths, there is something for everyone here and it is one of my go-to locations to find amazing one-of-a-kind date of birth gifts. (Ask me about the impressive black velvet painting we just gifted a friend. And also yes, he"s quiet a friend.)

Of course, the best place to buy products and also materials for her mid-century home renovation is right right here at make it Mid-Century. Us don"t have actually a brick-and-mortar storefront, yet that way that you deserve to shop with us also in your pajamas. We"ll be adding new products soon, so it is in on the lookout.

Do friend have any mid-century stores the you absolutely love in her neck-of-the-woods? If so, we want to hear around them and also perhaps also highlight lock in a future post. Space you a mid-century save that us haven"t consisted of on the list? We"d love come hear from you, too and see what kind of collaborations we might be able to build.

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