among Satan's demons summons the soul of Jeffery Dahmer, man Wayne Gacy and also Ted Bundy. The orders them to pick up Satan's Ferrari cake.

This brief clip is a fragment from the episode Hell on planet 2006 (Season 10, illustration 11)

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Satan's at sight Sweet 16

Satan stop a conference to discus Halloween. The decides to litter a large party at the W Hotel.

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Crocodile Hunter

Satan kicks the Crocodile Hunter out of his party. Demonius gets angry once he finds out the Ferrari...

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Biggie Smalls

The guys say Biggie Smalls three times in the mirror to summon his spirit, but they chicken out. Car...

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The Ghost of Biggie

Butters summons Biggie Smalls who starts shooting in ~ him. His parents get home and threaten come groun...

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What Didn't Diddy Do?

Satan plan his party in ~ the W Hotel. Satan wants a Ferrari cake since Diddy didn't execute it yet.

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The three Murders roasted Cake

The three murderers prepare to roasted a new cake. Simply as they're starting, they acquire into an argument ...

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The 3 Murders

The Ferrari cake is damaged as the serial killers argue about how to remove a dead body.

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Butters and also Biggie

Butters gets earlier to his bedroom to discover Biggie wait for him. The tells butters that if that misses ...

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Acura Cake

When Satan throws a tantrum in ~ his party, he's forced to look within himself and realize the monster...

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Crashing the Party

Butters escorts Biggie come Satan's Halloween party till the boys summon him come Stan's bathroom. The ...

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Where's my Ferrari Cake?

Satan gets jealous of Zazul's costume and also wants come trade. Meanwhile, the 3 serial killers pick u...

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Randy Summons Biggie

The boys are around to get Biggie top top a airplane to L.A. So he can make the party. Biggie is summoned aga...

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Completely turn off the Hook

Satan's Demon informs him that his guest perform is out of control. Meanwhile, the Church is offended t...

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Butters goes Missing

Butters' parents tell the police their son is missing. The boys discover out and also fear the Biggie trick w...