This is a an easy yet cool mod. What this walk is boost the beginning cash come 50,000. Has one for EAW, FOC, and another fodler just for EAW regular. The third folder makes whatever 1 dollar, take it 1 second, and enables infinite devices (In galactic occupation only the infinite populace work). There is an download guide, just follow the straightforward steps.

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To uninstall all you do is push the delete button on the documents. (only because that the one v the lengthy af name)

For the records that include 50k starting cash: open it up and also your application that you usage should have actually a discover button(ctrl+f) and look increase 50000 and replace it through the conventional starting: 8000. Likewise since that is the default setup you adjust it where it states default credits just adjust to 6000. Then readjust the beginning tech level (look up 5 in the document find button) and adjust it come 1 (a failed component of the mod) currently you have actually the default gameconstant document.


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empire at battle extra cashJan 25 2017Patch 1 comment

ONLY FOR empire AT WAR- adds the 50k beginning cash.

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pressures of Corrption extra cashJan 25 2017Patch

This only has the extra starting cash for pressures of Corruption


immediate Build/ one credit/ unlimited populationJan 25 2017Patch 4 comments

This only includes the document for infinite units and 1sec/$1 functions. Just FOR realm AT war NOT FOR pressures OF CORRUPTION!!!!


mo fun, mo cashJan 24 2017Full version 11 comment

The stuff because that the mod simply follow the basic steps.

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It is easier to modify the XML files, I have actually been law it for years and also I am not an expert, but over time you gain used to it