Max Kellerman is leaving Stephen A Smith and ESPN’s First Take, and NBA Twitter can’t stop reacting to it


Man, someone get us some tissues because these tears won’t stop. Max Kellerman is really leaving Stephen A Smith and the crew at First Take.

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You know what we will miss? We will miss those screaming debates between the two. We will miss Smith calling his partner in crime… sorry we meant FORMER (wipes away a tear) partner in crime a blasphemous individual for a take that’s slightly off. But, most of all, we’ll miss those rare moments the two agreed with each other. That wholesome vibe, the look of relief on Molly’s face. The tears may or may not have started all over again.

Jokes aside though, this was a good run. As much as we may not agree with their takes at times, Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman were an entertaining duo to watch. And it seems that NBA Twitter not only agrees with, but is also paying the man a worthy tribute, the only way it can.

Let’s get into it.

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NBA Twitter laments Max Kellerman leaving Stephen A Smith and First Take by posting some hilarious reactions

Because if not like this, then how?

Yes indeed, NBA Twitter can’t help but react to it, with the greatest memes and Gifs related to the topic at hand. So without further ado, here are some of the best reactions.

If Max is really leaving First Take I will never forget his contribution to making this one of the greatest clips ever

— Stephen A. Smith Burner (
TheSASBurner) August 19, 2021

Hold on a minuteHe’s leaving?!!!

— Olu🇳🇬 (
olumminati) August 19, 2021

Stephen A after having to debate against Molly every day now

— George Hennen (
OfficialGHenny) August 19, 2021

ESPN: “What if we let Kendrick Per-”

— Stephen A. Smith Burner (
TheSASBurner) August 19, 2021

We have to say it… the Stephen A Burner never disappoints.

Like most of the NBA community, we really will miss Max Kellerman. As fellow fans and analysts of the sport, we wish the man the best for his upcoming ventures and hope to see him again soon.

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Cue ‘See You Again’, by Charlie Puth, please?

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