I"ve just finiburned the Goth Kids search, and my next pursuit is to pick a side. I"m curious just how different the game plays for the two sides? In specific, my brother and I are both playing the game separately, and also I"d favor to know if we pick different sides, we"ll be perplexed once talking to each other.

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With as few spoilers as possible, please.


They"re basically similar.

Aside from the buddies easily accessible to you throughout the school intrusion, events play out basically identically.


The only point that will certainly be different is a brief buddy selection, one fight, and also one or 2 reduced scenes. Nopoint major, no result on the game play at all, just counts on that you desire to make mad for a few minutes.


In addition to what has currently been shelp, you obtain a various weapon as reward:

Elves: Butters" Hammer of Storms

122-170 (3x)Shock dmg +50

Humans: Stan"s Slashing Blade of the Ranger

180-250 (x2)Tarobtain starts bleeding on Perfect AttackA Perfect Attack targets everyone in a column.


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