Ann Cameron"s beloved and also bestselling thing book series about Julian, his brothers Huey, and also his girlfriend Gloria all starts right here! 

Julian has a huge imagination. And he is an excellent at informing stories. He deserve to make people—especially his younger brother, Huey—believe just about anything. Like the story around the cats that come in the mail. Or the fig pipeline that make you flourish tall if you eat them turn off the tree. Yet some stories can lead to a heap of trouble, and also that"s exactly where Julian and Huey finish up!

This publication has been selected together a common Core State standards Text Exemplar (Grades 2–3, Stories) in postposition B. 

"You need to go a long way these days to find a publication that leaves you feeling as happy as this one." —The brand-new York Times

"There"s a glow here that"s difficult to resist." —Booklist

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