With Zack Martin, Cody Martin, and all of their friends leading to mischief in the Tipton Hotel, there’s only one manager who can make whatever okay. It is Mr. Marion Moseby. Transparent Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and also Cody’s lot of years and also episodes, fans have seen plenty of sides of this character. 

He love playing video clip games as “Jango Darkblade,” he love the outdoors, and also he love his hotel. Below are a few of our favorite episodes the this Disney Channel series featuring Mr. Moseby. 

London’s run lesson ~ above ‘Lip Synchin’ in the Rain’

When London it s okay the component of Sharpay in her school’s manufacturing of High college Musical, the director says she gets some singing lessons… and also dancing lessons. No worries, though, she has Carey Martin, (Zack and also Cody’s mom,) and Mr. Moseby to gain her with it.

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On this episode, Mr. Moseby shows off few of his finest moves, consisting of (but not restricted to,) the jazz square, fish tail, and also crazy legs. The dancing great doesn’t go well but London and her girlfriend still perform well in ~ the musical.

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‘Graduation ~ above Deck’ episode of ‘The Suite Life top top Deck’ | Dean Hendler/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Mr. Moseby giving London a control lesson v the PRNDL top top ‘Cody Goes come Camp’

Learning exactly how to journey isn’t easy, particularly when she an heiress who has a driver carry her all over in a limo. During this top episode, Mr. Moseby is tasked with giving London driving lessons.

There’s a little bit of confusion concerning what the mirrors space for and also London doesn’t really desire to mess up her outfit with a seatbelt. The most memorable moment is as soon as Mr. Moseby asks London to placed the automobile in drive. Friend know, the “D” top top the “PRNDL.”

“It is no something you spell. The is a equipment shift. The letters stand for: park, reverse, neutral, drive, and LOW,” Mr. Moseby yells.

Mr. Moseby dancing throughout ‘When You stay At the Tipton’

He’s more than just the hotel manager. Moseby is privately a good dancer and also singer, also saving the day once Mr. Tipton needs someone to show up in a commercial.

He sings “When You remain At the Tipton” perfectly, acquiring the job. After an unfortunate Chicken-related accident, Moseby is changed by the twins and also their mother. The still has actually a final cameo in the commercial, though.

The “honorable mention” Mr. Moseby moment goes to the last episode of The Suite Life ~ above Deck. ~ looking after ~ London for years, it was time because that the two to say goodbye. As she’s leaving the boat, London speak Moseby she’ll contact him if she ever has a problem. She calls best away through a pretty huge problem. She going to miss out on him.

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Episodes the The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the spinoff series, The Suite Life top top Deck are obtainable on Disney’s streaming platform. Come learn much more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website.

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