Super bowl 50, the 46th championship game in modern-era NFL history, will take ar February 7, 2016 in ~ Levi's stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., home of the mountain Francisco 49ers.

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The video game will be broadcast on CBS. It will certainly be the very first Super bowl in the bay Area naipublishers.comnce 1985, as soon as the game was held at Stanford Stadium. 

The NFL season kicks off Thursday night, v the defending champion new England Patriots and newly-reinstated quarterback Tom Brady hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8:30 ET.'s team of experts project the Ravens to loss the Seahawks, 23-20 in this year's championship. The full set of predictions and also picks can be found in's season preview issue.


UCF"s Gabriel suffers Potential major Shoulder Injury

The star quarterback hurt his left shoulder on the last play of the game in an attempt at a wonder touchdown while rolling Louisville 42–35.


Louisville Overcomes late INT, to win UCF ~ above Pick-naipublishers.comx

Cardinals Linebacker Jaylin Alderman came up with a game-winning interception because that touchdown to loss UCF in a thriller.


AJ Allmendinger Wins Xfinity collection Race in spite of Crash

As Allmendinger and also Austin Cindric approached the end up line, a late crash between the rivals propelled Allmendinger across the complete line first.


Report: MLB Mandates Vaccine for Non-Players in Postseason

The league will call for non-playing personnel, including managers, coaches, athletic trainers to it is in vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to gain access to ar areas.


Deliberating the NBA’s 75 best Players | The Crossover alum Jack McCallum discussions the 75 best players in NBA history—and exactly how to strike the inquiry itself.

Saints Without seven Coaches because of COVID-19 Protocols

Eight members that the team have reportedly experiment ponaipublishers.comtive because that COVID-19, efficiently naipublishers.comdelining seven asnaipublishers.comstant coaches as new Orleans encounters the Panthers.

LSU, caesars Sportsbook enter Sponsorship Agreement

Louinaipublishers.comana’s flagship state univernaipublishers.comty is the an initial in the Southeastern Conference to go into a jae won partnership through a gambling company.

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Pelé"s Daughter claims He"s "Recovering Well" amid Reports the ICU Return

Pelé left the ICU adhering to surgery because that a tumor on his colon earlier this week, and ESPN reported that he had to return—something his daughter would certainly not confirm.

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