Why Supernatural's "The French Mistake" is one of The Show's most Beloved episodes Supernatural"s "The French Mistake" has actually been cited as one of the ideal episodes that the series — here"s why the episode is among the many beloved.

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supernatural the french wrong beloved episode
of the 327 illustration of Supernatural across the 15-season run, very couple of episodes are as beloved together "The French Mistake." This fourth-wall-breaking illustration is the favourite of many a Supernatural star and fan, and also it frequently tops illustration rankings. Therefore what is it about "The French Mistake" that provides the episode so beloved?

Supernatural season 6, illustration 15, "The French Mistake," begins with the archangel Raphael attempting come take out Castiel and also anyone that allies with him. When Raphael"s hitman arrives, Balthazar sends the Winchester brothers into an alternate reality in order to defend them. In this alternative reality, they uncover they are now "Jensen Ackles" and also "something referred to as a Jared Padalecki." Jensen Ackles and also Jared Padalecki, simply as they room in actual life, space the stars that a show called Supernatural. Sam and Dean hilariously have to navigate the "real world" in bespeak to do it home alive; all with Raphael"s hitman hot on their trail.

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Part that the factor that "The French Mistake" is so beloved is that it"s a humorous rest from the show"s in its entirety serious tone. The show, that stars, that is writers, and even its fans can"t escape the lighthearted ridicule the this meta illustration dishes out. It"s practically like a good, old-fashioned roast — simply with the addition of a heavenly mercenary. The illustration brings the audience right into its inside jokes, enabling them come feel favor a part of the crew while prove they don"t take it themselves too seriously. The episode provided the actors a chance to play us — or, in some cases, their characters pretending to be themselves. Breaking away from their timeless roles, the actors room able to let loosened and truly enjoy themselves when filming something different from the usual classic monster plots in Supernatural. Top top paper, the high-comedy principle sounds ludicrous, but Supernatural was maybe to supply a zany episode filled with self-mockery — all on height of the serious, looming risk of Raphael in the background.

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The episode also takes the chance to include jokes indigenous outside Supernatural. They take it a minute to poke funny at several of the actors" names (particularly Padalecki and also Misha), your spouses (in recommendation to Jared"s wife, Genevieve Padalecki, who played Ruby top top the show), and their former acting gigs (a clip of Jensen Ackles in his Days of ours Lives years can be spotted throughout the episode). The to run gag around Jared and Jensen not acquiring along additionally draws humor throughout the episode, as many committed fans know the pair are finest friends in real life.

"The French Mistake" has been called the favorite episode of many Supernatural cast and crew members. Eric Kripke, Supernatural creator and also showrunner, has cited "The French Mistake" and also "Changing Channels," another meta episode, as his favorite episodes of the series. Misha Collins, that plays Castiel, and Jared Padalecki likewise list the episode amongst their favorites. In between the uniqueness and also the humor of the episode, it"s no surprised that Supernatural stars and also fans alike love "The French Mistake."