Les travels to northern India to endure with no food, no water, no shelter and no camera crew. Leopards, snakes, territorial honey bees and the notorious Royal Bengal tiger every pose hazards to Les’s survival. Yet the pets he’s been cautioned around the most? wandering herds of wild elephants.

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The consistent threat of predators has actually Les making it through on high alert. The journeys small pathways v the forest, trails nomads have sculpted out over numerous years the lead to and from old jungle temples, in search of wild edibles and fresh water. This area is provided as the densest tiger territory in north India, so structure shelter ~ above the soil is no an option. He lamp fire with elephant dung and endures sleepless nights by firelight, ever-vigilant for indicators of tiger attack. That is a check of willpower and also endurance: India is favor nowhere Les has actually survived before.

EPISODE 2: tested BY THE grasp (FAN EPISODE)

For years, fans have been questioning to sign up with Les ~ above a Survivorman shoot. Finally, Les has actually agreed. From over 200 applicants, Joe McConnell was selected to join Les on what proves to be a very complicated and challenging survival expedition. Blind-sided by bad survival skills, Joe struggles to save up as he and Les trek with thick forest terrain burdened by heavy camera gear, yet with no food, no water and no shelter. Joe quickly learns that genuine life survival isn’t as straightforward as Les provides it look at on TV.


In component one, Les Stroud disappears into the forested Transylvanian Alps to check the an abilities of Romania’s optimal Search and Rescue Team, and himself.

Les Stroud has actually survived in the most daunting environments ~ above the planet, but couple of compare to the isolation and also disorientation that experiences surviving in Romania’s Transylvanian Alps. Steep hill ranges with thick woodland make this rough terrain virtually impenetrable. Complying with abandoned logging roads, weighed down by hefty camera equipment and travelling alone through no food, water, fire or shelter, Les should prove once again why he is the King the Survival.


In component two, Les simulates being medically stranded and also lost in the forested Transylvanian Alps to check the skills of Romania’s top Search and also Rescue Team.

Les feels entirely trapped, immobilized through a simulated splintered leg and also stranded in the thick mountainous terrain that Romania’s Transylvanian Alps. Romania’s famous Search and Rescue Team space working around the clock to discover him, yet the thick woodland cover has actually them searching for a needle in a haystack. Medically stranded through no food, water, fire or shelter, Romania proves to it is in a real survival challenge, even for who as experienced as Les.


Survivorman Legends speak the actual life stories of human being who survived: those who experienced terribly yet made the through and also those who died trying. Here, Les winter the story the the Conne family: a father, mother and son who almost perished as soon as they obtained lost just 1700 ft. Native their vehicle near the west coast of Oregon. Les takes along his very own surrogate household to make several of the same mistakes the Conne family members made, however on purpose. He additionally fixes few of the mistakes lock made, too. Few of us have the right to actually speak what that feels like, have the right to honestly speak they understand what that takes come survive. Safe and warm in our houses, the action of others in survival situations often don’t even make feeling — why didn’t they build a fire? Why didn’t they do shelter? Why no they to walk out? Les has actually said many times, uneven you to be there, you can not know. This is Survivorman Legends.


Stories of wrecked sailboats and lost seafarers are together old together sea faring itself. Sailors have been lost, stranded, wrecked top top reefs and crashed roughly in cyclones because that centuries. Sadly, the story of Australian sailors Ian Thompson and Victorian Claus is one there is no a happy ending. Now, Les Stroud is tasked v reliving their south Pacific survive ordeal. Les strands self on purpose, add by his long-time survive buddy Bob Wilson, on a deserted island in the heart of the Kingdom of Tonga. They’ve grabbed ditch bags the contain a few survival items, however no new water, shelter or food. Les and Bob must rely on their considerable wilderness an abilities – and also luck – if they expect to survive.

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When Les Stroud very first launched Survivorman, adventure travel was no as prolific together it is today. Here and also around the world, in areas meant to inspire united state to love nature, to gain out and also travel, tragedies occur. Tragedies occur due to the fact that of casual perspectives taken in the direction of wilderness adventure. The allude of Survivorman has always been come teach the appropriate way, the for sure way, come instruct outdoor enthusiasts on when not take chances and not go over the top, to protect against landing oneself in peril. In this episode, Les travel to one of the many beautiful locations on the planet – Patagonia, Chile – to do mistakes so the you don’t have to.