Sweet & Sassy task Application Online

As one outgrowing and also developing company, Sweet & Sassy obtain applications for various departments of the company. Applicants that would prefer to work-related at Sweet & Sassy deserve to either carry out their digital application or directly can contact the person resources. This short article mainly concentrates on the applicable positions, detailed information about the existing open positions and also the application procedures. To have actually a depth knowledge, just thing you must do is to follow the requirements given in this article.

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“Sweet & Sassy is the coolest place to gain a sassy haircut, gain some spa pampering and also have one unforgettable birthday celebration v a warm pink limo!”

Sweet & Sassy is a cutting-edge children salon, trend-setting sleeve store and the perfect solemn event place! Customers enjoy top-quality services consisting of haircuts, up-do’s, mini-manicures, mini-pedicures, ear piercing, spa and also makeover packages, and a an option of an excellent signature birthday parties.

Sweet & Sassy Job avenues & application Process

Sweet & Sassy receives application for open up positions nearly every season: few of the positions need experience and deeper understanding in the specific area vice versa, the rest deserve to be used by unexperienced employees as well. Applicant who room willing because that a position in Sweet & Sassy, can use to the finest fit for their future. However, the most essential thing to save in mind that the applicants space strictly supposed to fulfill the age requirement. Nevertheless, for entry level positions, there exist no high-level qualification expectance, therefore, the sooner the applications is made, the greater change the candidate has.

Retail Sales Associate: We are in search of a friendly, out-going retail sales associate the can carry out high-quality service. Ours clients gain coming to check out us, and also we love make their dreams come true.

A sleeve sales associate must be passionate about delivering terrific experience come each and every among our clients. We offer a dynamic, fulfilling, and fun work setting with fantastic income potential!

If girlfriend think you would be a great fit for this position, please email us.

Sweet and Sassy task Description

— terrific Customer Service and Organization skills.

– able to work well with children.

Proficient in scheduling of staff schedules.Excellent oral and written interaction skills.Multi-task oriented.Perform it is registered sales transactions quickly and also accurately in accordance with developed cash control procedures and customer service guidelines.Ensure cash and also wrap is clean, neat, organized and stocked with necessary supplies.Ensure goods is restocked come the exactly product location on the sales floor.Drive the Sweet & Sassy brand commitment through gift knowledgeable around all packages and promotions and also consistently informing client of each program.Leverage firm tools and technology to confidently administer the customer with product expertise which will boost customer engagement and also maximize sales.Consistently provide support to fellow employees with sharing the knowledge, help to finish tasks and/or assisting in customer interactions. Creative, encouraged self-starter.Proactively fix customer involves in a manner continual with agency policy, and also with customer satisfaction in mind; companion with store management team on elevated customer issues.Understand and adhere to all agency policy and also procedures.

Hair Stylists: we are searching for a part time Hair Stylists to join our team at Sweet and Sassy. If girlfriend love working with kids this is the place for you. We have experienced hair stylist that can train. This is an excellent for friend to construct experience and to begin your career. Part time and also most weekends. Must have a current cosmetology license to apply.

Sweet & Sassy Printable application Form

If you could not discover the appropriate position for your qualifications and make your digital application from the existing openings noted above, girlfriend would rather check, print and fill in the application kind provided listed below for the position you search for in ~ the nearest Sweet & Sassy to your location. The existing quota because that the place you would prefer to apply for may have not to be updated yet, therefore, you deserve to take your first step to your applications by directly have call with the company.

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Work truth of Sweet & Sassy

Age Requirement:

16 year old

Sweet & Sassy functioning Hours

Varies by position and also department.

Open Positions: Retail Sales Associate, Hairstylist, Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed pond Technician, Assistant Manager