Here us are, in 2018, through a new Sword Art virtual anime series, this time about a woman playing as a loli avatar in a VR fight royale game. It’s no wholly bad, but like that predecessor, it falls short to live as much as its attractive premise therefore far.

Definitely not plucked the end of a rubbish bucket of Google search-optimized otaku terms, Sword Art digital Alternative: gun Gale online follows college college student Karen Kohiruimaki’s foray into a virtual human being created in the aftermath of the initial (and fatal) Sword Art online MMORPG. This time, that ostensibly safe. The VR gadgets of the past have been recalled, and, in the year 2026, supposedly with all forgotten, VR experience a rebirth in popularity.

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Gun Gale Online, the video game within the anime, is the VR PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds of the future, in i beg your pardon the critical team that gunmen standing wins. Karen, who is very tall in actual life, is convinced to try out the survival shooter since it’s the only game that allows her be short and also cute. V a bright pink uniform and also a glowing pink submachine pistol she phone call P-chan, Karen i do not care the hyper-dextrous shooter Llenn.


This is a game I great existed in actual life. It’s got RPG elements, prefer roaming mobs in an open up world and pubs because that players come relax in. It’s likewise decidedly fight royale, v a an excellent twist: Every couple of minutes, scanners lugged by the players reveal everybody’s location.

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The gets points going and also makes hiding much less of an option. I’m appreciative of these variations, due to the fact that an anime in reality replicating PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might be 23 minute of watching someone lie prone in a dirty bathroom.