football and also Virginia Tech have actually played 17 times, and also the series history could no be closer ( leads, 9-8 heading right into Saturday afternoon's game at the transport Dome).

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And, the two sides have provided us several of the most memorable moments and largest crowds in carrier Dome history.

We sifted through the previous matchups and ranked the five-most memorable games in the series' history.

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But a redshirt sophomore quarterback named Donovan McNabb rushed for 127 yards and completed 8-of-12 passes for 123 yards and also two touchdowns in the win.

Former Virginia technology coach candid Beamer asserted after the loss the kicker Collin Barber supplied a butterscotch lollipop stick to aid line up his 45-yard field goal in the 4th quarter.

The Orange acquired a safety from Dwight Freeney and also a 51-yard punt return because that a touchdown by Jamel Riddle.

The Hokies were coming turn off a loss come Florida State in the national championship video game the year before and were ranked No. 2 prior to rallying to secure their very first victory in the transport Dome since joining the large East in 1992.

Star quarterback Michael Vick score on a 55-yard touchdown run v 1:34 continuing to be in the 4th quarter, yet he was bottled increase for most the game, completing simply 6-of-11 passes for 75 yards and also rushing for only 9 yards on 16 carries.

That would certainly be Dwight Freeney, that memorably sacked Vick four-and-a-half time on this day, a institution record. sacked Vick eight times in the game.

Freshman running earlier Damien Rhodes scooted because that 25 yards and also the two-point switch in the 3rd overtime, and the Orange sealed the victory v an interception in the end zone through Maurice McClain.

Individual performances: Virginia tech quarterback Bryan Randall threw for 504 yards and five touchdowns. quarterback troy Nunes passed for a career-high 403 yards and also one touchdown. His 6-yard TD pass to tight end Joe Donnelly on 4th-and-3 forced that third overtime period.

Walter Reyes rushed because that 118 yards and three touchdowns, if Virginia tech star running earlier Kevin Jones satellite out through a hamstring injury.

In one of the most memorable finishes in transport Dome history, star quarterback Donovan McNabb floated a pass into the finish zone on 4th-and-13 the wound up in the hand of Stephen Brominski for the victory.

The beat was called "the catch" and it remains probably the single-most iconic pat in the history of the transport Dome and also entire program.

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