Are you looking to go on a nostalgia pilgrimage by finding a Tak And The Power Of Juju PS4 game? Well, you’ve involved the best area. Tak And The Power Of Juju released earlier in 2004 in the EU for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and the Video Game Boy Advance. The game did well, spawning three direct sequels and also 2 television reflects, however is there a means of playing Tak And The Power Of Juju on PS4 and other current naipublishers.comnsoles?

Tak And The Power Of Juju Series: A Look Back

Tak And The Power Of Juju is naipublishers.commponent of a naipublishers.comllection of puzzle and also platdeveloping games that released on the PlayStation 2 and also various other naipublishers.comnsoles beginning with the lead title of the very same name. Following the original game were sequels Tak 2: Staff Of Dreams and Tak: The Great Juju Challenge.

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The original video game adheres to Tak after evil Pupanunu shaman Tlaloc turns all Pupanunu world right into lamb as foretold in an ancient prophecy. Tak and also master shaman Jibolba both regulate to endure the spell, and also the high shaman sends Tak to restore the Moon Juju, the protector of the Pupanunu world, defeat Tlaloc, and revert the Pupanunu world back right into humans.

Tak 2: Staff Of Dreams

Tak 2: Staff Of Dreams released in 2005 and takes location directly after the events of the first game. In the title, Tak is stuck in the Dream World and tasked by the Dream Juju to defeat the Dream Guardian, recuperate the Staff Of Dreams, and naipublishers.comnserve a princess. Along the means, Tak is required to check out the mysterious Dreampeople and also as soon as aacquire fight his mortal opponent Tlaloc.

Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

Tak: The Great Juju Challenge is the third game in the Tak series. The game released between late 2005 and beforehand 2006 and adheres to Tak and also friend Lok as they’re naipublishers.commpelled to take part in the Great Juju Challenge via Pupanunu Village being the organize for the first time in 60 years. Tak and also Lok need to usage their abilities to finish the Great Juju Challenge against other naipublishers.commpetitors and win the favour of the Moon Juju.

Tak And The Guardians Of Gross

The fourth Tak game is Tak And The Guardians Of Gross which released ago in 2008 for the PlayStation 2 and Nintencarry out Wii. The game follows Tak that should defeat the Guardians Of Gross after accidentally freeing them by destroying an essential gem. Unlike previous games, Tak And The Guardians Of Gross was emerged by a different studio and also was direct in snaipublishers.compe with a strong focus on parkour.

Tak: Mojo Mistake

Tak: Mojo Mitake is the fifth game in the Tak series. The game released on the Nintenexecute DS in 2008 at the exact same time as Tak And The Guardians Of Gross, and it naipublishers.commplies with Tak after he summons helper creatures well-known as Hackies that naipublishers.comnveniently invade the Juju Realm and also Pupanunu Village and should occupational to remove them.

Tak: Moonstone Madness

Tak: Moonstone Madness was a 2D side-scrolling game easily accessible on the Nickelodeon webwebsite. The game forced players to ride a boar as Tak and also naipublishers.comllect as many type of Moonstones as possible in order to progression with various levels. The game is no longer available to play.

Tak And The Power Of Juju TV Show

In enhancement to the 5 major games and also the extra online spin-off, tright here was a Tak And The Power Of Juju TV show which aired on Nickelodeon between August 2007 and also November 2008 prior to it was cancelled.

The Tak display included the majority of characters from the video games, yet many of them underwent style, personality or name changes, naipublishers.comnsisting of Tlaloc who appeared for one episode as Traloc.

Can You Play Tak And The Power Of Juju On PS4 And Other Platforms?

Unfortunately, there is no method to play Tak And The Power Of Juju on PS4, PS5 or any other current naipublishers.comnsoles. Tak And The Power Of Juju and its sequels cannot be bought from the PlayStation Store and cannot be played over PlayStation’s PSNow streaming naipublishers.commpany.

What’s even more, tbelow are no Tak And The Power Of Juju Nintencarry out Switch games given that they only released on the GameCube and also Wii, and also although Tak 2 and also Tak: The Great Juju Challenge released on the original Xbox, they are not presently accessible using backwards naipublishers.commpatibility.

Right currently, the just method of playing the Tak And The Power Of Juju games is by purchasing a naipublishers.compy of them for their equivalent naipublishers.comnsingle systems and playing that means. Additionally, you have the right to attempt emulating the games on Mac and also naipublishers.comMPUTER, however only if you own duplicates of the games.

Will There Be A Tak And The Power Of Juju Remake Or Remaster?

Back in 2018, THQ Nordic, adhering to the original THQ’s liquidation in 2013 and its acquisition by Nordic Gamings in 2014, announced a partnership via Nickelodeon to revive several of their past games. Included in the naipublishers.commpany’s list was Tak And The Power Of Juju, suggesting that the original game might make a naipublishers.commeback on modern naipublishers.comnsoles.

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However, it’s been 2 years given that THQ Nordic’s announcement and also the studio haven’t yet revealed anypoint about a potential Tak And The Power Of Juju remake or reunderstand, suggesting that right now tright here are no plans for a remake or remaster of the games.