Miami Dade county Public Schools, in addition to the private and charter institutions in our area, has a well-established heritage of honoring an yearly Take Your son To work-related Day. Although the national day for this is organized in April, we Miamians are naturally slightly unusual, for this reason we hosted ours today, February 2nd!

As a person Resources Professional, the is my duty, obligation, and also responsibility come foster an exciting and nurturing atmosphere for our employees, which we think about to it is in our expanded family. Take it Your child To work Day was the perfect possibility to display our employees and their families that our agency truly care for your well being on a more comprehensive scale than their pure work production. Happy employee are productive employees, ~ all! This year"s take Your son To occupational Day was a resounding success, leaving all of our adults and also their kids with beaming smiles and also warmth in their hearts. What made that so special? Let"s testimonial our day.

PLANNING and also PROMOTION. For any kind of event to it is in special and successful, appropriate planning and promotion is key. Person Resources, together with members from various other departments, to plan every aspect of the job so the our "little employees" would be engaged, excited, and also enthused! once we had the preliminary arrangement in place, we talked the occasion up through the employee in the lunch room, throughout coffee breaks, emailed the end blasts frequently however not too frequently, and also we even had our Chairman that the Board carry his four year old grandson! Our staff was excited no only around their children coming to watch what mommy & daddy do; they to be excited around participating in the day and also teaching the kids!

MAKE THEM feeling WELCOME and SPECIAL. We prepared welcome goodie bags for each child, containing age-appropriate snacks, pens, notepads, and other items, personalized v their names printed on the bags together our agency logo. Our goal to be straightforward: do our kids feel choose they are component of ours company! The children were served a very delicious breakfast, during which time we involved them in conversations, asking them what they to be looking forward to most. Naturally, the kids started conversations among themselves, and sooner than we knew it, everyone was comfortable and also excited!

THE cool TOUR. Shortly after breakfast, I gave the kids a tourism of our office, with quick descriptions of each area, native Finance to IT, credit transaction to Sales, and also from the executive Suite to mine favorite-- human being Resources! At every stop, among the employees come out and also greeted the kids, involved them in a couple of questions or soft jokes, and also then we relocated on. Smiles were natural and also the enthusiasm was electric!

WORKSHOPS: PRACTICALITY AND an essential THINKING. We designed 3 workshops for the kids, relating what we carry out to what"s walking in their lives. Our finance team come in and also talked around budgeting. Rather of a boring number crunching workshop, our finance team made the engaging and also fun! They had actually the youngsters think of goals to purchase something that they wanted, such as a bike, a video game console, a computer, the recent LeBron James shoes, or tickets to Disney World. Climate the brainstorming began. The youngsters were asked just how long lock would have to save their pin money or chores earnings to pay because that the points they wanted! their minds were automatically put right into motion in the an innovative process, and sooner than we knew it, the kids were reasoning of all sorts of methods they could earn and save! Our that team provided the following workshop, relating it to cyber security and also talking about how important it is to preserve a clean society media profile due to the fact that colleges look in ~ applicants" social media sites. Girlfriend should"ve watched the looks on some of the kids" faces, when they were reasoning of some of their friends, the course. The kids bought into the discussions and also were enjoy it themselves!

THE means TO their HEARTS: your STOMACHS! as well as breakfast, having lunch was likewise provided. What much better way to acquire a group of children to ease up and enjoy themselves 보다 feeding lock and allowing them to be themselves?! The enjoy the meal times to be the finest times to ask them their thoughts, really see exactly how they think, and also to acquire their impressions that what your mommy or dad does.

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CONCLUSION? A FUN and also EXCITING DAY because that ALL. Take Your son To work Day is a huge hit at our company, and also I"d encourage every agency to do it a priority! It"s not just a an excellent way for the children to see what your parents & grandparents do; it"s also a great way to present our employees and their households how lot we truly value them- not simply as employees, yet as FAMILY.