How to earn money and XP quickly in AC Origins, how to kill Phylakes, the Trials of the Gods, boss fights, and also just how to discover all the Stone Circle areas.

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Roughly midmethod via the game, you"ll happen across the Assassin"s Creed Origins New Kid in Town quest, which directs you to uncover the Temple of a Million Years in order to bring the whole search to a cshed. In this Assassin"s Creed Origins New Kid in Tvery own walkthrough, we"ll direct you to the Temple of a Million Years location, and also walking you via the entire quest in basic.

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Assassin"s Creed Origins New Kid in Town Quest Guide

To begin through, you"re going to desire to have advanced much enough in Assassin"s Creed Origins that you"ve got to the city of Letopolis. The city can be located in the area on Sapi-Res Nome, which is just to the eastern of Lake Mareotis. The Assassin"s Creed Origins New Kid in Town quest has actually a recommfinished level for Bayek of 18, although it"s completely achievable at level 17.

Letopolis is where you"ll encounter the Scarab.

To take on the New Kid in Town pursuit, head to the marker in Letopolis, and also stop to Ramessu, that will certainly then direct you to sheight to Nehi, the titular brand-new son in town. Nehi will certainly then sfinish Bayek to retrieve his ox cart, which you should use Senu to spot when you come right into close sufficient proximity, and then fight or evade the bandits to lug Nehi"s cart back to him.

Once you"ve made it back to Nehi via his cart, he"ll instruct you to head inside his residence and research the creating on the wall. Now, head earlier to Ramessu, the perchild who provided you the New Kid in Tvery own search in the initially location, and he"ll suggest you track down and also sheight to 3 other homeowners in Letopolis.

Use Senu to spot the 3 homeowners, and study the composing on the inside of their homes just favor you did via Nehi. Once you"ve done this via all 3 homeowners, you"ll be provided the objective of finding the Temple of a Million Years.

Assassin"s Creed Origins Temple of a Million Years Location

Although the Temple of a Million Years location is actually unnoted on the map of Assassin"s Creed Origins, it"s fairly easy to find. Ssuggest head west from Letopolis, right into the sand also dunes, and use Senu to search about adjacent, till you spot a row of lion statues. It"s difficult to miss the lion statues when they"re surrounded by nothing but sand also, so do not issue about being in the correct position to discover them.


The lion statues signify the entrance to the Temple of a Million Years, although be warned that tbelow are a number of bandits and also an actual lion patrolling the area. You deserve to either fight or evade all the combatants around the statues, yet to acquire inside the temple, head to the middle of the structure, in in between the final 2 lion statues, and also look for a narrowhead crack in the wall in which you deserve to squeeze through.

The Temple of a Million Years in Assassin"s Creed Origins does not have a complex layout, but you will certainly have to fight some snakes, need to you smash any kind of of the containers lying roughly the area. Sindicate usage the Animus Sdeserve to capacity to uncover all 4 ideas for the New Kid in Town search - a statue of Sskhmet, a jug, a prayer, and a skeleton - and also have Bayek wrap up the temple area in a short cutscene.

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Now that you"ve uncovered and also completed the Temple of a Million Years, head all the way ago to Nehi in Letopolis to bring a close to the New Kid in Town quest.