It’s tough to type, when you’re hyper-ventilating! yet having watched the final episode the the 2nd season that’s the condition I’ve to be left in.

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What a mind scrabble! If you’ve not viewed it, climate please perform not read this now, clock the show! It’s bloody brilliant.

The penultimate episode had left Sarah hosted by the police, John and Cameron on the run, and also poor Derek dead. John Henry and Catherine Weaver were significantly interested in the Connors, presumably since they want to avoid Skynet and also that is perhaps what man Henry becomes.

Right, forget almost every one of that, due to the fact that in the 43 minutes the Born come Run takes almost every one of that and anything rather you concluded around this show gets totally turns top top its head.


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The story starts generally enough, with Sarah in jail when John and also Cameron controversy the following course that action. Catherine Weaver really wants to satisfy Sarah Connor, and John Henry yes, really likes play D&D.

In jail buy it is doubted by certified dealer Auldridge, played by Joshua Malina who is so great that if the display does do a third season ns predict he could become critical character. He shows up to realise that this isn’t a straightforward investigation, and also that Sarah has secrets that would certainly shake the an extremely foundations that society.

Sarah asks because that a priest, and also Father Armando Bonilla reappears, brought earlier from the begin of the season whereby she took refuge in his church. She sends out a message to john that they have to leave, i beg your pardon is interacted to the by Chola (Sabrina Perez), that you could recall was the girl that Cameron emulated when standing exterior Enrique Salceda’s den in season one. She bring false identities because that them, which is tho the family company it appears.

The Terminator who killed Derek has a quite scene wherein he goes right into a total shop, i beg your pardon is a nod to those in the very first two films. That asks for silencers because that his pistols, and also the shop owner directs him elsewhere. As he pipeline the shop keeper comments the the nicest thing about his weaponry is the sound they make, and the Terminator replies, “No, it’s not”. Great.

Ellison tracks under John and Cameron, presumably making use of John Henry. He’s gained a blog post for Cameron native Catherine Weaver, and also that message is “Will you join us?”

Cripes! my mind began to spin in ~ this point, as the implications of this one explain pervaded my understanding of this series. My presumptions that Weaver to be a negative Terminator, sent to make sure Skynet to be created, flew entirely out that the window, wherein I’ve left that circling menacingly because that a later on scene.


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The Derek-killing Terminator turns up at the Zera building, and shoots among the guards with his nice brand-new silenced weapons. Catherine Weaver appears and also comments that he damaged the gates, and also she really preferred those gates! She stabs one blade with his power source and the other through the electric substation behind her. The was rather overmatched here, ns suspect.

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After some an ext strange Ellison, Weaver and John Henry conversations comes perhaps the creepiest step in the display so far, where John do the efforts to assess if Cameron is leaking radiation, which might be making buy it ill.

Cameron strips come the waist, and also gets john to pin her down, while slitting part of her torso open and reaching up inside her skeleton. The was very creepy and also sexy in ~ the very same time, not sure how ideal to describe it further. She appears ok, but really shortly after this scene she’s certainly not 100%.

We are given a classic Terminator sequence where a identified Cameron start the jail wherein Sarah is to relax her, taking massive amounts of weapons fire as she does. The assembly of her face in this sequence is awesome, far better than every the films so far. She additionally chooses no to kill the safety who face her, by either making them operation or disabling them.

But she’s also got help, from unseen guardian angel man Henry. He invades the defense system and also opens all the doors to every the cells, releasing every the prisoners! It’s chaos, but exactly the sort of craziness they require to get Sarah away.

From right here John and Sarah head to check out Weaver, and they instruct the currently badly damaged Cameron to address John Henry. Except they don’t realise what the blog post meant, and Cameron does.


They go into Weaver’s office whereby she and also Ellison are waiting. In ~ this allude none that the humans know she’s a Terminator, and also they also don’t understand that she’s in reality on their side! however that all gets revealed simply as the prototype hunter killer shows up outside the home window and crashes into the office in an attempt to kill everyone.

Weaver transforms herself right into a large metal shield, soaking up the affect and maintaining the people alive. It’s all really cool and also in a blink John, Sarah and Ellison’s human being is inverted.

There is an impressive extra little bit to this event which take it my breath away. Weaver tells them come run and the room explodes. The flying debris takes the end the fish tank where Weaver keeps her pet eel. The biology propels itself throughout the floor, becomes liquid metal and also then merges v Weaver! Wow.

The eel type was the very same shape the the fluid Terminator took as soon as escaping the below in that story, so this might actually it is in the same Terminator.

Form here the action heads down to Cameron, who’s uncovered John Henry. When the remainder of lock arrive man Henry has gone. Cameron offered him her chip and sits deactivated. Man Henry was developed by Weaver to fight Skynet; she’s part of the breakaway faction.

A counter is running. Stupidly, ns assumed that man Henry had set the structure to explode, but it’s in reality something much much more interesting than that.

Before the next crucial event ns should likewise mention that they discover the ‘Turk’ computer system, which has actually the three dots ~ above it the preoccupied buy it so much earlier in the season.

The countdown is because that time travel, however who is going where? The bubble forms, Weaver asks Ellison if he desires to come v her to “get your boy”. That declines, so she properly redirects the to collection Savannah native school. Sarah actions backwards out of the bubble, leave John and also Weaver. Man desperately desires to conserve Cameron, and goes through Weaver in quest of man Henry. They take trip though time…back come the future…

Ahhhhhh….my brain exploded…and dribbled the end of my sleep in a very unsightly manner. That wasn’t part of the show, however I thought you need to know.

Weaver and John materialise in a dark post-judgement job world, whereby they space soon situated by liberty fighters. Weaver hides and John is left to prove he is a human.

The fighter who confirms he really is human is Derek Reese! John gives his name, yet they’ve never ever heard that a man Connor in this future. However Derek isn’t the only character that’s earlier from the dead or alive in the future past, or whatever. Kyle appears, and not much behind the is Cameron. Man has entirely jumped over judgement day, entirely trashing every little thing chronology the third movie represented.

The electrical spark of an additional time bubble indicated an additional traveller is coming. We hear sarah say, “I love you too,” and then the credits ran. I shouted ‘NOoooooo……’ in that really childish Yu-Gi-Oh fashion at the TV.

And then… the human being next to me top top the sofa came to be unemotional. Ns sensed a red glow from your eyes and they asked, “Will you sign up with us?” Ok, so i made that last bit up since I didn’t want the story come end.

There aren’t really words to describe how an excellent in locations this show has become, and also how superb the writing and also performing was in the episode. It’s one overused phrase, yet it was seminal. Nearly none that what taken place I expected, and the convoluted spaghetti of plot twist and chronology is currently causing a significant re-plumbing of my neurons.

If this present doesn’t come ago next season, I’ll do it my personal mission in the future to send killer robots back in time to obtain the TV network world who cancelled it.

TV doesn’t actually obtain much better than this, in my less than humble opinion, and everyone affiliated with the present should be congratulated. If there is one word because that this show and also the an imaginative talents behind itn then that would certainly be ‘awesome’.

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I simply hope what they’ve excellent fits with the fourth movie, because I’d love to watch some synergy through that narrative.