final Fantasy VI"s developers revealed that the original plan for the game"s story was to just have actually the party win, and also that people Of destroy came later.

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Final Fantasy VI is a video game where the rogue achieves their goal and also manages to gain godlike powers, prior to laying waste to the world. Kefka the mad clown nearly succeeds in ruining Terra and also her allies, however the party manages come reform and also they ascend right into the heavens in bespeak to ruin Kefka once and also for all.

The second fifty percent of Final Fantasy VI takes place in the people of Ruin, i beg your pardon is a devastated landscape that has been created by Kefka"s powers. The player is given 4 characters and can either pick to search the world and also find the rest of your allies or they have the right to go directly to the finish boss battle.

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It transforms out that Final Fantasy VI was virtually a very different game, together the entire principle of the world of ruin was a late addition to the story. Over there is an interview with countless of the developers of Final Fantasy VI in one upcoming problem of Famitsu that has been analyzed into English by BClarkOMP of One Million Power, where it is revealed that Final Fantasy VI almost ended a lot of sooner.

(Hironobu Sakaguchi) "...It to be a shocking development when the human being was destroyed, and also you continued traveling v the people of destroy afterward.

Actually, us didn’t initially plan to do the people of ruin at all."

(Yoshinori Kitase) "We initially planned because that the party to conserve the world and defeat Kefka just as points were spring grim and also the people was around to be destroyed. Climate we started talking about reworking that."

It transforms out that Final Fantasy VI was walking to have a much an ext standard JRPG ending, with the party beating Kefka prior to he might succeed in his plan. It"s for the ideal that the revisions to the ending were made, as the human being of Ruin and also the open-ended nature of its pursuits are among the many memorable facets of Final Fantasy VI. 

Final Fantasy VI has among the darkest tones in the collection and the human being of damage exemplifies its themes much better than the rest of the game. A variation of Final Fantasy VI that ends v Kefka being defeated before achieving godlike strength would have been a far inferior product than the one we were lucky enough to receive.

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