_____ is endowing assets and also services through the power of a brand.

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Brand also equity
Brand also marking

_____ is the included value endowed to assets and services.

Brand equity

______ are those trademarkable tools that serve to identify and also identify the brand also.

Brand also promise
Brand mark
Brand differentiation
Brand also equity
Brand elements

_____ marketing is about mixing and matching marketing tasks to maximize their individual and also collective effects.


A ________ deserve to be characterized as any information-bearing suffer a customer or prospect has through the brand, the product category, or the industry that relates to the marketer"s product or company.

brand also character
brand also awareness
brand trait
brand contact
brand element

_____ occurs as soon as customers suffer the firm as transferring on its brand also promise.

Brand experience
Brand bonding
Internal branding
Brand promising
Brand also awareness

A _____ is a consumer-focused exercise that entails a collection of procedures to assess the health of the brand also, uncover its sources of brand equity, and imply means to improve and leverage its equity.

brand systems analysis
brand also assessment
brand check-up
brand tracking study
brand audit

When a firm provides an establiburned brand to introduce a brand-new product it is dubbed a _____.

category extension
parent brand
brand also extension
family brand

A _____ product is one whose brand name has actually been licensed to various other manufacturers who actually make the product.


_____ occurs when consumers no longer associate a brand also through a details product or very similar commodities and start reasoning less about the brand.

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Brand neglect
Brand apathy
Brand also dilution
Brand also ignorance
Brand also concentration

_______is the set of all brands and also brand lines which a certain firm uses for sale in a specific category or sector segment.

Brand equity
Multi branding
Brand also portfolio
Mixed branding
Generic brand
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