Aggregate Functions
Calculations such together MIN, MAX, AVG, and SUM that are performed top top a group of records.

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AND ConditionA condition in which only records where every one of the values are present in the selected fields.
Ascending OrderA sorting order the arranges text in alphabet order (A come Z) or numbers from the lowest to greatest number.
Between...And OperatorA compare operator that looks for worths within a range.
Calculated FieldA field that stores the worth of a mathematical operation form, or report various other than that listed as the ar name.
Comparison OperatorsSymbols that evaluate each worth to determine if that is the same (=), greater than (>), less than (<), or in between a range of worths as mentioned by the criteria.
Compound CriteriaMultiple problems in a ask or filter.
CriteriaConditions in a query that recognize the specific records because that which you are looking.
Crosstab QueryA questions that supplies an aggregate duty for data that have the right to be grouped by two species of information and displays the data in a compact, spreadsheet-like format.
Data SourceThe table or tables native which a form, query, or report retrieves that data.
Descending OrderA sorting order that arranges text in reverse alphabetical bespeak (Z to A) or numbers from the greatest to lowest number.
Design GridThe lower area of the Query home window that displays the style of the query.
Expression1. A combination of functions, ar values, constants, and operators that create a result. 2. The formula that will execute a calculation.
Field ListA list of the ar names in a table.
Foreign KeyThe ar that is contained in the associated table therefore the ar can be joined through the primary an essential in another table because that the function of creating a relationship.
Innermost sort FieldWhen sorting on multiple areas in Datasheet view, the field that will certainly be provided for the 2nd level that sorting.
Is no NullA criteria that searches for areas that are empty.
Is NullWill exclude documents where the specified field is empty.
Join LineIn the partnership window, the line joining 2 tables that visually indicates the associated field and also the form of relationship.
Logical OperatorsOperators that combine criteria using and and OR. V two criteria,AND needs that both problems be met and also OR calls for that either problem be met
Message BarThe area directly below the Ribbon that screens information together as defense alerts when there is perhaps unsafe, active content in an Office 2010 paper that girlfriend open.
One-to-Many-RelationshipA relationship between two tables where one record in the first corresponds to plenty of records in the second table- the most common kind of partnership in Access.
OR ConditionA condition in which documents that match at the very least one that the specified values space displayed.
Outermost sort FieldWhen sorting top top multiple areas in Datasheet view, the ar that will certainly be provided for the very first level of sorting.
Property SheetA list of characteristics- properties- for fields or controls ~ above a kind or report in i m sorry you have the right to make precise changes to eah property connected with the ar or control.
Referential IntegrityA collection of rules that access uses come ensure that the data in between related tables is valid.
RelationshipAn association that you establish in between two tables based on common fields.
RunThe process in which access searches the records in the table consisted of in the questions design, find the records that match the mentioned criteria, and then displays the records in a datasheet; only the areas that have actually been consisted of in the query design display.
Select QueryA kind of access query that retrieves data native one or more tables or queries, displaying the selected data in a datasheet; likewise known as a simple select query.
SortingThe process of arranging data in a certain order based on the value in each field.
SubdatasheetA style for displaying related records once you click the plus sign beside a document in a table ~ above the one next of a relationship.
SubsetA portion of the full records available.
Table AreaThe top area of the Query window that screens field perform for the tables the are used in the query.
Text StringA sequence of characters.
Trust CenterAn area the the access program where you can view the security and also privacy settings for your accessibility installation.

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Wildcard CharacterIn a query, a character the serves as a placeholder for one or an ext unknown personalities in your criteria; an asterisk (*) represents one or much more unknow characters, and also a question mark (?) to represent a single unknown character.