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Charley balloon from Homosassa, Fla.Powerful and also Beautiful.Morten indigenous Aarhus DenmarkI don"t recognize the story around the song, however for me, that is the most powerful song that i know around depression.see much more comments
Uptown FunkMark Ronson

"Uptown Funk" by mark Ronson to be 2015"s best-selling single in both the U.S. And U.K.

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blank SpaceTaylor Swift

Taylor Swift came to be the an initial ever woman in the background of the hot 100 to succeed it s her at #1, as soon as "Blank Space" dethroned the songstress" ahead single, "Shake that Off" from the peak spot.

She"s A RainbowThe roll Stones

It was never ever a big hit, however "She"s A Rainbow" came to be one of the most renowned Rolling Stones songs in the digital period when the started getting here in commercials (iMac, Photoshop), and TV reflects (American horror Story: Coven, Ted Lasso).

crazy KidsKesha

"Crazy Kids"" lyrics were inspired by a date of birth party of Ke$ha"s, i m sorry she defined as, "one stunner night."

reprimand GameKanye West

Chris Rock shows up on the Kanye West track "Blame Game."

Kiss On mine ListHall & Oates

"Kiss On my List" by room & Oates is actually an anti-love tune - the kiss is simply one item on a list, and also by no way the best.

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exactly how The Beatles do Killer ChorusesSong writing

The writer of Help! 100 Songwriting, Recording and also Career Tips provided By The Beatles, explains how the team crafted your choruses so effectively.

Tony Joe WhiteSongwriter Interviews

The writer the "Rainy Night in Georgia" and "Polk Salad Annie" explains how the cooks up his Louisiana swamp rock.

Francis Rossi of status QuoSongwriter Interviews

Doubt led to drive for Francis, that still isn"t sure why among Status Quo"s greatest hits is therefore beloved.

U2Fact or Fiction

How go The Edge acquire his name? walk they name a song after a Tolkien book? and who is "Angel that Harlem" about?

Actors v Hit SongsMusic Quiz

Many actors have attempted music, however only a few have controlled a hit. Carry out you recognize which of this thespians charted?

monster Al YankovicFact or Fiction

Did Al beat on a Beach guys record? walk he have actually beef v George Lucas and also Coolio? see if you have the right to spot weird however true stories.