Hello everyone.I and also various other magicians determined to run a job to analyze the most powerful and also banned book in Islamic history right into English.

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The Publication Of The Sun Of Gnosis And The Subtleties Of Elevated Things

Shams al-Ma’arif or Shams al-Ma’arif wa Lata’if al-'Awarif.

*A 13th-century grimoire written by Ahmad AlBuni.

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The English edition never before existed and also we are planning to make that taken place.You deserve to support our project onThe Book Of The Sun Of Gnosis – English Translation | Creative Projects Crowdcapital via GoGetFunding

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The Book Of Son Of The Gnosis English Version


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"There is no Quranic verse which does not possess four forms of meaning: exoteric (zahir), esoteric (batin), limit (hadd), divine arrangement (muttala'). The exoteric is for dental recitation; the esoteric is for the inner understanding; the limit consists of the statements laying down what things are permissible and also what forbidden; the divine planis that which God inhas a tendency to realize within male by means of each verse." (-Imam Ali) This area is for those that examine and adright here to the Batin.



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