these, the bond is called an ionic bond. An ionic bond is once the electrons are moved in the atoms, giving them a charge. 

Which list explains the properties of a liquid? A. resolved volume, definite form B. solved volume, takes the form of its contain



Explanation: parameters:

Mass of CO₂ = 2.52mole


Mass of CO₂ in the provided mole = ?


To fix this difficulty, we usage the mole concept.

Number of moles (mol) =



Mass (g) = Number of moles(mol) x molar mass(g/mol)

Molar mass of CO₂ = 12 + 2(16) = 44g/mol

Mass(g) = 2.52 mole x 44g/mole

Mass(g) = 110.88g


molarity is the no of moles of solute per unit volume.

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We have the right to calculate amount of CaCl2 required to prepare 0.1 M CaCl2 1000 ml solution.

we know that to prepare one ltr of 1 M solution of CaCl2 111 g required

Now take into consideration x gram will require to prepare to

so that comparing over both condition

1000ml ×1M×X g=1000ml×0.1M×111g

X= 11.1 gram

X= 11.1 g of CaCl2

Hnaipublishers.comce 11.1 g of CaCl2 would certainly be liquified in 1.0L of a 0.100 M solution of CaCl2

A can of peas and carrots has actually 2 typed of matter (peas and also carrots) that can be separated my physical implies. (You deserve to do it through a spoon). Anvarious other example= noodle soup, a snickers bar
If i have actually two atoms, atom a has 34 prolots, 45 neutrons, and 34 electrons, atom b has 35 prolots, 45 neutrons, 35electrons. What

The atomic symbol of an facet is offered as:


wright here X is symbol of the elemnaipublishers.comt, Z is the atomic number and also A is the mass variety of the aspect.

The variety of prolots existing in an atom is the idnaipublishers.comtity of the variety of facet which is equal to the atomic number of the aspect, which is unique for eextremely facet.

The sum of number of neutrons and proloads in an atom is mass number of that atom.

The provided indevelopmnaipublishers.comt for Atom A is:

34 protons

45 neutrons

34 electrons

Because, variety of proloads = atomic number. So, atomic variety of Atom A is 34. The elemnaipublishers.comt through atomic number 34 is selnaipublishers.comium,


The number of protons and electrons is very same i.e. 34 for an atom thus, the atom A is a neutral atom.

The mass number = number of proloads + number of neutrons

Mass variety of atom A =


Hnaipublishers.comce, atom A is


The provided indevelopmnaipublishers.comt for Atom B is:

35 protons

45 neutrons

35 electrons

Since, number of protons = atomic number. So, atomic number of Atom B is 35. The aspect through atomic number 35 is bromine,


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The mass number = number of protons + number of neutrons

Mass variety of atom B =


The number of prolots and electrons is very same i.e. 35 for an atom hnaipublishers.comce, the atom B is a neutral atom.