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In general, most coaches state the their sports is at the very least what portion mental? answers . A. 20% b. 50% c. 80% d. 90% e. 25%

The prestige of the mental side of sports

a. Is greatest for upstream athletes

b. Is best for varsity athletes

c. Is best for to chat athletes

d. Does not differ based upon skill level

e. Is best for young athletes

Which of the complying with explain(s) why players and coaches frequently neglect psychological skills training?

a. Lack of understanding

b. Absence of time

c. City hall psychological skills as unchangeable

d. Every one of the above

e. A and also c

Which that the following is (are) FALSE worrying psychological an abilities training?

a. PST is only for difficulty athletes.

b. PST is for athletes of miscellaneous abilities.

c. PST will certainly not provide quick options to problems.

d. PST has developed a knowledge base making use of elite athletes.

e. A and also b

From a emotional perspective, the ultimate goal of psychological skills training is

a. Self-efficacy

b. Self-regulation

c. Self-esteem

d. Mental preparation

e. Self-concept

Results the a study focusing on effective versus unsuccessful athletes showed that much more successful athletes are identified by

a. Greater self-confidence

b. Greater anxiety

c. More task-oriented think

d. A and also b

e. A and also c

Using the mental skill of be sure learned in baseball to address anxiety before taking exams would be the score of which phase of Kirschenbaum"s version of self-regulation?

a. Execution

b. Difficulty identification

c. Generalization

d. Expertise

e. Ecological management

Which of the complying with is not among the stages in Kirschenbaum"s version of self-regulation?

a. Meeting

b. Execution

c. Expertise

d. Generalization

e. Trouble identification

The PST expertise base has actually come native what sources?

a. Research on elite athletes

b. Athlete-coach experience

c. Study on youth sport

d. A and also b

In conducting research study on the psychological preparation the Canadian Olympic athletes, Orlick and also Partington uncovered that athletes that performed up to their potential

a. Developed competitive plans

b. Received more feedback native coaches

c. Had much more extroverted personalities

d. A and also b

e. A and c

Sport psychology topics that kind the basis for PST programs incorporate which that the following?

a. Confidence structure

b. Imagery

c. Team cohesion

d. A and also b

e. A and c

What was the main trouble that the basketball player (Jim) challenged shooting free throws in the case study gift at the beginning of the chapter?

a. He had not emerged the emotional skill of relaxation.

b. That did no have good free-throw shoot form.

c. He received an unfavorable feedback from his coach.

d. He had actually not developed a routine prior to shooting totally free throws.

e. He lost his concentration since his girlfriend was in the audience.

The research studies investigating the performance of PST in improving performance have generally discovered

a. The PST enhances the power of elite yet not to chat athletes

b. That PST improves the performance of collegiate athletes

c. The PST boosts performance in older and also younger athletes

d. B and c

e. A and b

Which the the adhering to demonstrate(s) psychological skills training?

a. A fitness instructor suggests using confident self-statements to enhance self-esteem v an overweight client.

b. A physical education teacher uses relaxation training to assist students calm down prior to going on to their following class.

c. A therapist supplies behavior change techniques to help a person quit smoking.

d. A and c

e. A and b

When is that generally best to carry out a PST program?

a. Anytime

b. During the off-season or preseason

c. After a difficulty is determined

d. Prior to important competitions

e. Prior to easy competitions

When new psychological an abilities are being learned, exactly how long have to they normally be practiced?

a. 5 job a week, 60 minute a day

b. 3 come 5 work a week, 15 come 30 minute a day

c. Double a week, 30 minutes a job

d. 5 days a week, 45 to 60 minutes a job

e. 3 job a week, 60 minutes a job

After a PST program has been placed in place, just how long carry out athletes need to continue practicing their mental skills?

a. As long as they continue to participate in their sports

b. 3 months

c. 6 months

d. 1 year

e. 1 month

PST take away what form of method to psychological training?

a. Clinical

b. Counseling

c. Education

d. Thoughtful

e. Realistic

A baseball player"s slump can be caused by what kind(s) that problems?

a. Emotional

b. Biomechanical

c. Physiological

d. All of the above

e. A and also c

What is the best way to acquire information concerning an athlete"s mental strengths and also weaknesses?

a. Psychological inventories

b. An oral interview

c. An dental interview and psychological inventories

d. Projective and also objective mental inventories

According to Vealey"s analysis, which of the following reflect(s) structure methods in PST training?

a. Physical exercise

b. Education and learning

c. Anxiety monitoring

d. A and b

Which the the following is no a typical problem in implementing PST programs?

a. Lack of time

b. Lack of follow-up by the consultant

c. The consultant"s lack of sport-specific expertise

d. Generating assistance from administrators, coaches, and also athletes

e. The sports psychologist"s expertise of emotional skill practice

The sports United to promote Education and Recreation routine (SUPER) occurred by Danish and his colleagues has actually as its score

a. Come teach adolescents skills in sport that they have the right to transfer to other elements of their lives

b. To provide recreational tasks for inner-city youth

c. To help elite athletes construct mental an abilities

d. To provide training for brand-new physical education teachers

e. To integrate formal physical education in the schools with recreational activities after college

Which of the complying with is (are) characteristic of INEFFECTIVE consultants that athletes keep in mind in interviews with sport psychologists?

a. They absence sport-specific knowledge.

b. They are too flexible, make the efforts to accomplish all athletes" separation, personal, instance needs.

c. They count on a "canned" approach when implementing mental skills training.

d. A and also b

e. A and c

Which the the adhering to is (are) characteristics of effective consultants that athletes keep in mind in interviews v sport psychologists?

a. They only conduct one follow-up session through athletes.

b. They are available and create rapport v the athletes.

c. They space flexible in conference individual athletes" needs.

d. B and also c

e. A and also b

Performance profiling together a method of assessing athletes" mental an abilities works by asking athletes come

a. Observe various other elite athletes that have fantastic psychological skills

b. Identify, assess, and also compare their own mental an abilities against those of various other elite athletes in their sport

c. Take a series of personality tests to identify their strengths and weaknesses concerning mental skills

d. Observe themselves for numerous weeks and keep a log about their mental skills

Which the the following is not a step in PST?

a. Education phase

b. Exercise phase

c. Intervention phase

d. Acquisition phase

According come Vealey, which of the complying with is (are) a foundation skill(s)?

a. Goal setting

b. Imagery

c. Self-confidence

d. A and b

e. The sports psychologist"s knowledge of psychological skill exercises

New research indicates that i beg your pardon of the following is no a build in the 4C design of psychological toughness?

a. Manage

b. Commitment

c. Consistency

d. An obstacle

e. To trust

Which that the complying with is (are) a consideration(s) when teaching mental an abilities to athletes v disabilities?

a. Developing trust and also rapport

b. Making certain males consult v males and also females v females

c. Ensuring that the venues are available

d. A and b

e. A and also c

The an initial systematic mental an abilities training program occurred in which country?

a. United claims

b. Soviet Union

c. Canada

d. England

e. China

According to recent research on mental toughness, i m sorry of the complying with is (are) a way(s) to rise mental toughness?

a. Develop intense competitive practices simulating game situations.

b. Have actually high expectations of athletes.

c. Create a negative mental environment due to the fact that athletes reaction positively to risks of punishment.

d. A and c

e. A and also b

Which the the complying with is no a situation requiring mental toughness follow to a recent study?

a. Injury and also rehabilitation

b. Peer and also social press

c. Autocratic coach

d. Balancing different commitments (e.g., school, work, media)

e. Difficult environmental and also playing conditions

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A current study found that coaches particularly use the mental an abilities of

a. Self-talk and also imagery

b. Self-talk and also anxiety administration

c. Imagery and anxiety monitoring

d. Routines and imagery

e. Routines and also self-talk

According come Vealey, i m sorry of the complying with is NOT component of a psychological an abilities training program?