But the actual miracle was the I regulated to acquire through The Fosters Season 4 episode 12 without cram something at the tv in frustration. I come embarrassingly close to doing that a few times. I deserve to admit that.

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It was that kind of episode, for sure. So why don"t us take a few deep breaths, count to ten, and also discuss it. Chandelier we?


Is over there anything an ext despicable than human being in strength abusing your authority? I"m hard pressed to find much the tops it. Although, absence of usual sense is rather grating as well. 

This is not Callie"s very first rodeo, and also yet, she came across as incompetent as ever before at the police station. The was enough to make anyone desire to reach through the screen and shake her until she reclaimed a modicum of sense. 

She"s unable to do without the for therefore long, it"s hard to recognize if there"s noþeles left in there.

Callie: What is it?Detective: simply your statement. It"s simply a formality. Shortly as you authorize it, we"re all done here.

I"m hard on Callie. I recognize I have the right to be challenging on her, yet she"s so much smarter than this. She"s become one that the most infuriating personalities on the display right now.

Rule Number 1: Don"t authorize S**T without analysis it first!

Rule Number 2: If friend ever uncover yourself in one interrogation room in ~ a police station, and also you"re there is no counsel, Don"t sign S**T. PERIOD.

Were friend gritting her teeth throughout that entirety interrogation? due to the fact that I to be gritting mine teeth. 

Callie isn"t legitimate an adult and also should not have been interrogated the way that she was without a parent or an lawyer present. I recognize she to know this and yet there she was. 


Detective Douche (that"s what that shall be dubbed from hereon out) shouldn"t have been anywhere near that damn case. He"s a homicide detective...what the hell room you doing over there? that didn"t also hide the reality that he had an ax come grind.

It is a professional courtesy to call a other officer once there"s something walking on v their loved ones. My mixed feelings top top blue commitment over everything, it"s component of the freaking code. Why get selective on that now?

The detective permitting Detective Douche to dictate just how he was handling his investigating to be so asinine it had actually me shrieking and sputtering in disbelief. He wondered about it, acknowledged that something was hinky around it, choose up that Detective Douche was in truth being a Douche, and still went together with it anyway.

Anything to make a case, am ns right?



He"s such an integral part of the Foster-Adams family, also though that doesn"t get almost enough love or credit transaction for it. How countless guys deserve to divorce your wife, work as her companion everyday, and co-parent not only his biological kid but the other kids too? 

Mike is a failure character and he has some less than mainly moments, however he"s quiet a pretty awesome dude. Don"t struggle me top top this. 

I was so glad he referred to as Tweedle Dee and also Tweedle Dum on being jackasses abusing their power. Ns was additionally beyond thrilled once Stef proved up. 

Protective Stef Foster is no to be trifled with, and also she was damn near ready to concerned blows over her daughter. God, i love Stef Foster.

You must let me speak to my daughter!


Stef Foster basically dubbed the arresting officer a "bitch." walk it get any an ext badass than that? ns think not. 

As if the entire ordeal wasn"t horrible enough, Troy acquired away scott-free. If it was really around the significant nature the this crime, 보다 please, someone, phone call me why troy wasn"t obtaining hemmed increase too? he still left the scene of an accident. It to be his car. He to be driving.

Charging Callie is one thing, yet not charging Troy with anything at every is for sure absurd.

So Troy obtained to make use of the fact that Callie is a career juvenile offender, and take benefit of the reality that she"s been investigating that on her own and also harassing people. 

You"re a liar, I know you killed your grandmother and I"m going to prove it.


Callie couldn"t simply let that go though. Also a Callie in cuffs still find a method to make the most damaging decisions top top this side of the hemisphere, due to the fact that she accused the guy of killing his grandmother and shouted her mission come prove it as she was being carted away.

Callie, why the hell room you like this? 


And if lock didn"t pole it to Callie enough, they sent her come the juvie for hard-knocks and for factors that i can"t cable together, they searched her prefer she to be an adult woman, including a cavity search, and by that time ns was raging. 

By the moment they made decision to elude to masculine guards sexually abusing the young girls, ns disassociated in an effort to keep my blood press down. It to be a good thing too, because Callie gift charged as an adult, would have actually did me in otherwise. 

They"re really good kids. They"re simply making bad decisions.


Lena synthetic up the entire collection with one quote. God bless, Lena. Also, defend her at every costs!

When Lena Adams-Foster cries, we all cry. She had actually me all misty-eyed as soon as she damaged down sobbing the way that she did. I"m therefore worried about her. 

It"s too lot for Lena. She to know it. Stef knows it. We all understand it. 

The evasive, "wait and see" answer they were getting around Jesus" problem coupled v the Brandon situation, and also the Callie situation was enough to journey her come tears. 

psychic you have the right to handle anything in the moment. It"s our fear that undoes us.

Older lady

But Angels go the Earth. The Fosters always has that top quality that provides me flashbacks come WB family members dramas the the previous like 7th Heaven and Touched By an Angel, and this walk round it to be the latter.

The sweet old lady providing her life advice and also being a assistance to her was predictable. As soon as she mysteriously appeared, the composing was clean on the wall surface that she to be some kind of angelic presence, but it didn"t make her presence any kind of less enjoyable. 

It was interesting to see and also hear, based on some of the things he said, that Jesus was always the safety one. The wasn"t something i picked up on in the an initial two seasons.

Jesus" safety streak hasn"t been prominent until more recently. It always felt favor Mariana to be the one that looked out for them, however it sounded prefer Jesus constantly took that upon himself to watch after his sister.

It to be an amazing tidbit of details to gain from his dreams. So to be insecurity about being perceived as "dumb" based on his imagining Brandon (who notoriously makes terrible choices regarding women) and also Emma (who notoriously dead herself like she"s intellectually remarkable than she peers).

It to be such a relief as soon as his ede went down, and also his heat broke. Yet that was relief to be fleeting, because he woke up native his coma and also attempted come speak yet his words to be unintelligible. 

We"ve currently had to watch Jesus fight because that his life, are any of united state emotionally ready to attend to him battling aphasia? 

Mariana: What was she doing in that guy"s vehicle anyway?Stef: Uh, she was looking for you, love.

I"m quiet trying to make sense of Mariana picking to sleep through Mat. It was a rather abrupt an option for she to make, and a rather odd selection the authors made as much as placing that right into this episode. 

She was already dealing through blaming herself because that Jesus being in the hospital, and also blaming herself for Callie being in juvie. To add her ideal friend blamed her too, up till they made up. 

The sex thing, complied with by Emma gaining a pregnant test for her and Brandon finding the end was just, okay placed. 

Brandon is at his finest (and most relatable) as soon as he"s play up the huge brother thing. The tried, bless his heart, to save the other children in heat while moms were at the hospital.

The difficulty was Callie had taken turn off to the police terminal by then, Mariana was sneaking off and dealing through her PTSD (why have no actions been taken to help her through that?) and also Jude was coming down from a high and also being sassy together hell. 

Hey, what taken place to the nice boy who pertained to stay v us? I miss out on him.


I"m beginning to make tranquility with Jude the rebel, but I appreciated Brandon voicing what several of us have actually been reasoning for some time. What taken place to the kid? 

I still think the funniest and most stroked nerves thing about high Jude is how fertile he is when stoned. If the child aces tests if stoned, and is considerate enough to do chores, how do you deter that from gaining stoned?

Brandon: are you still stoned?Jude: No.Mariana: Again?Jude: At least I"m not popping pills.

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In Jude"s defense, possibly he simply got exhausted of being the just kid in the household who didn"t cause trouble in ~ every turn. It"s no fun being the "good kid" when everyone else does whatever they desire and resolve the results later.

On behalf of all great kids, who invested every waking day doing the appropriate thing while your siblings walk to live that up and raise hell, ns salute girlfriend Jude. 

So now, I"ll turn it end to friend guys. What did girlfriend think the the episode? were you together enraged as I was watching Callie"s legal troubles unfold? execute you think Mariana"s pregnant? execute you miss out on kid Jude? What perform you think will happen with Jesus now?