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Topic 2 testimonial This topic testimonial is a device designed come prepare students for the object 2 Quiz. Instructors will certainly grade the topic review for completion. Save the topic review to your computer and submit as soon as complete. Once completing this review, answers have to be in your very own words or quoted through quotation marks, and also be attracted from one of the food readings (textbook and lecture referenced below), or other sources noted in the syllabus. Exterior sources, including internet sites, are not acceptable. When quoting and paraphrasing, include all critical names for citations that have multiple authors. For quoted citations, be certain to encompass the web page or i number(s). The quiz will certainly be graded for accuracy, so take it time to seek the correct answers because that this topic review prior to you effort the quiz. As soon as you begin the quiz, execute not exit the quiz until the whole quiz is completed. Exiting the end of the quiz prior to it is finish may result in a zero grade. Please type your answers listed below each question. 1. Perform the three Christian views of creation, as offered in the lecture, and a brief description the each. Young Earth: God produced the world in 6 days and the planet is approximately years old. Old Earth: Things occurred in scientific stages as God provided the command. Theistic Evolution: life occurred in one evolutionary way a process God put right into motion. 2. The principle that mankind is developed in the image of God might refer to a variety of things. List four things: two covered in the textbook and also two extended in the lecture. Created to know and also worship God. Developed to have dominion. Created in his image to be prefer him: us love, we desire justice, etc. Created to have totally free will. 3. What are the similarities between the scene in Revelation and the garden the Eden in Genesis 2? Revelation 21:3 and Genesis 2, God talks around being in direct communication with people. In the garden, that talked straight with Adam and also Eve. Also, in Revelation 21:2 and also in Genesis 2: God create wife and also he supplies the an allegory of the church as the bride the Christ. 4. According to the lecture, what is meant when we speak God is sovereign? Sovereign way that God has supreme authority over his creation 5. List at least five qualities of God emphasized in Psalm 145. God is praise worthy God is great. The is glorious the is good He is gracious the is merciful 6. List three reasons for seeing humanity as the pinnacle that creation. Us were do in his image. We have souls. Once God developed man, he stated it was very an excellent instead of simply good. 7. Just how does the textbook explain the Garden the Eden? Textbook defines the Garden the Eden as dwelling place with man. It additionally seems come be defined as one analogy because that a new heaven and also a new earth that is described to united state in the finish of the bible. 8. Exactly how would you describe the nature of work God gave to Adam in the garden of Eden? God gave Adam the work of being a steward over the garden. He to be to treatment for the animals and plants. The lecture notes list Adam as being the an initial biologist, naming every the faunae and florae. 9. Summarize Proverbs 9:10. Knowing and also fearing God, you will have insight and also wisdom. 10. Summary statements in Genesis In v. God is commanding Adam no to eat of the tree of the understanding of an excellent and evil, since if that does, God advises him the he will certainly die. V. 18, God sees that it is not great for Adam to be himself, therefore he decides to do a helper because that him. 11. What does the textbook say around the involvement of the Trinity in creation? In Genesis 1:2, and in 1:26 the verses is phrased in a way that back the divine Spirit is not named, we know that the divine Spirit to be there. 12. Perform the four straightforward of the overarching biblical story. Creation Fall Redemption restoration 2 referrals Diffey, D. (2015). Wisdom in the beginning. In cool Canyon college (Ed.), The start of wisdom: An arrival to Christian thought and life (2nd ed.). Obtainable from great 2. (2017).

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Christian Worldview. Phoenix, AZ: grand Canyon University.