Kingston, ~ above powerhouse rock and rollers, The Glorious young are earlier with a brand-new album packed through songs for fans to destruction into.

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The band has actually loaded A battle On Everything through 14 new songs, consisting of their latest #1 single, Panic Attack and also the follow-up release, Pink Motel. It’s the extension of a effective run that experienced the tape go come the optimal of the rock charts in Canada and also the US through S.O.S. (Sawed off Shotgun). The brand-new album, their 3rd full-length effort, supplies a variety of tempos, feelings, and sounds. It reflects off the band’s range and capability to change speeds and sounds when holding onto your identity and also taking listeners in addition to them ~ above a ride.


Jay, kris K, Adam, chris H, Josh, and also Brett have a lot on the line through A battle On Everything. We don’t median to it is in hyperbolic, but coming turn off of us chart success, Canadian graph success, and also opportunities like opening for The roll Stones, expectations have actually risen. A many to components will come into play before we can call this album a success or no (radio play, booking, ticket sales, media coverage, grassroots support, etc.). And also while us can’t predict how all of that will come out, we deserve to tell you that they have collection themselves up for more an excellent things to happen.

The Glorious Sons have actually 14 new songs to pick from when structure the setlist for your upcoming reflects this fall in the UK and throughout Europe, and also when they come earlier to north America for shows in 2020. Depending upon the balance they’re spring for, there isn’t a tune on A battle On Everything that couldn’t uncover a clues in the setlist. Heck, they’ve currently started playing A Funny thing Happened, The continuous Speculation right into The death Of Rock and Roll, and Panic Attack at current shows in London, ON and Edmonton, AB.

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They additionally have a many of alternatives when it come to choosing their next radio singles. Every things space pointing come Closer come The Sky as a choice, and if us were going to pick one, we’d most likely look in ~ Kick them Wicked Things. yet hey, we might be wrong and also they could send another track to radio and also watch it rise the charts with love from absent fans in Canada and also the US. The wouldn’t surprise us at all!

Note: The Glorious Sons made a second appearance in ~ Burl’s Creek this summer, in t-shirt kind when American country rising star Tyler affluent repped the band throughout his key stage collection at Boots & understanding 2019.

A the majority of fans have actually been excitedly waiting for this document to drop. It began with the release of Panic Attack and also then Pink Motel and the announcement that there was more new music coming. And from there, excitement did what it does, that grew.


In July, once the band released Pink Motel, this is what we said in the new Music Spotlight: “Pink Motel is a stripped-down, lyrically driven, balled indigenous the Kingston rockers the went all the means to #1 with S.O.S. (Sawed turn off Shotgun). Brett Emmons vocal performance stands the end on the brand-new single, and also he deserves some love because that that. Atta be, dude. Ps. Be ready for the super emotional climax and vocal change.”, we stand by every one of that together we listen to that again as part of the whole A battle On Everything album.

Quickly let’s provide some love to few of the other songs ~ above the album. The legislations Of Love and also War is deep and is going to hit part rock and roll fans appropriate in the feelings. The recurring Speculation right into The fatality Of Rock and Roll is a top quality track that has actually maybe the ideal song location of 2019. I’m On your Side is sweet and also has a vibe come it that just really works.

There are a most things to like around this album. V 14 songs it’s a complete listen the you have the right to dig right into for 48 minutes. And also while we would certainly love more, that’s united state being greedy, not the tape leaving us short. The Glorious Sons readjust it up sufficient to keep any one tune from simply bleeding into the next. The tracks all fit perfectly v who castle are and what they do, however they additionally all exist in their very own moment and also work.

After months of waiting, largely patiently, fans have actually a whole brand-new album of songs from The Glorious Sons. Hit play and also listen to A war On Everything from height to bottom. Examine out the videos too. And, we’ve got much more photo of The Glorious Sons in ~ Parkjam too.


The Glorious Sons, A war On everything Tracklist

1. scare Attack2. A battle On Everything3. spirit To Break4. Closer to The Sky5. Wild Eyes6. A Funny thing Happened7. The laws Of Love and also War8. One much more Summer9. The recurring Speculation into The death Of Rock and also Roll10. absent Them wicked Things11. I’m On her Side12. Kingdom In mine Heart13.

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lean On Me Love14. Pink Motel