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Title: The great War: walk in Hell

Publisher: Ballantine Publishing

Publication Date: 1999

Binding: tough Cover

Book Condition: Fine

Dust jacket Condition: near Fine

Edition: first Edition, an initial Printing


A stunning epos of humankind at war v itself, take care of Turtledove"s good War saga plunges us deeper right into the battle that started in Europe, climate exploded v a vengeance ~ above American soil.

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The people is convulsing. Germany has smashed that enemies: Austria, Denmark, and France, if the unified States and also the Confederate claims of America charge headlong right into the an international conflict--as bitter enemies once again. The year is 1915, and also the time that darkness has actually come. Despite the Confederacy has beat its northern opponent twice in fifty years, this time the unified States has allied through Prussia. In the South, the freed slaves, sustained by Marxist rhetoric and the bitterness the a racism nation, take up the tools of the Bolshevik rebellion. Regardless of these advantages, the unified States remains pinned between Canada and also the C.S.A., for this reason the bloody dispute continues and grows. Both presidents--Theodore Roosevelt the the Union and staunch Confederate Woodrow Wilson--are stubbornly figured out to lead their countries to victory, at any cost.While land and sea battles space fought around the globe, brand-new killing tools--poison gas, submarines, strike planes, and also tanks--are pressed right into service. Heroism and also fear run hand in hand as ordinary men and women--families, friends, and lovers--choose no hope measures simply to survive.From the trenches the line the Canadian border to inhabited Salt Lake City, The an excellent War: to walk in Hell takes united state to the American front, then right into prisoner-of-war camps, strategy meetings, and also cities roiling v unrest. As soon as again, harry Turtledove--"the leading author of alternate history" (USA Today)--has created a gripping, visionary portrait the how, if history had however taken one more path, our world would have launched right into a much bloodier war to end All Wars.


Harry Turtledove marches on through background with The good War: walk in Hell. In his alternate timeline, the Confederate claims of America winner the polite War, aided through Britain and also France. In the 1880s (How few Remain), Americans fought again after the CSA got parts the Mexico--and the CSA winner again. Once WWI starts with Archduke Ferdinand"s assassination in 1914 (The great War: American Front), the 34-state USA under Teddy Roosevelt allies with imperial Germany and Austria against Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Canada, and also Woodrow Wilson"s CSA. Trenches division Canada, fierce fighting rages indigenous Tennessee and Kentucky right into Pennsylvania, a Mormon uprising against the USA consumes Utah, and also a black color socialist rebellion distracts the CSA, whereby slavery has actually ended however blacks tho await complete citizenship. Go in Hell takes us from fall, 1915, with 1916. Soldiers, sailors, and also airmen proceed the fight, however much wake up behind the present too. Turtledove"s personalities include Jewish immigrant who are socialist and also antiwar, a widow running a coffee home in CSA-occupied Washington, D.C., who passes info to the USA, and two Canadian farmers life under U.S. Occupation in Quebec and Manitoba. That vividly conveys the person side the war. When Joe Hammerschmitt gets a shoulder wound in the Virginia trenches:

... Pains warred with exultation ~ above his long, thin face. Exultation won. "Got me a hometowner, watch like," he stated happily. Fifty percent the guys up there with him do sympathetic noises; the other half looked frankly jealous. Hammerschmitt to be going come be out of the shooting line because that weeks, probably months, come come, and they still risked not just death but horrible mutilation every day.

Some find Turtledove"s actors too large, the story"s action too slow. Others complain the Walk in Hell is too similar to his Worldwar series.

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Alternate history buffs, however, will certainly marvel in ~ his mastery of detail, enjoy complying with his logic together he pursues military and also social breakthroughs onward in time, and also find it difficult to wait because that the next in the series. --Nona Vero