We're a health brand v values rooted in consciousness, community, transparency, and design. Every day and also in every way, we organize ourselves to an honest standard. We think that the is our obligation to do our part to aid create a healthy and also sustainable future because that all.

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You will have an opportunity to take ownership of our new e-commerce platform, and also drive the e-commerce vision in ~ The moral Company.
The Honest agency is one American consumer goods company, established by actress Jessica Alba, that emphasizes household commodities to supply the marketplace for honest consumerism. The agency had $250 million in 2016 sales and was valued shy that $1 billion as of October 2017.
The staff at The Honest company come from unusually diverse demographic backgrounds. The company is 40.2% female and also 43.9% ethnic minorities. In spite of its diversity in various other areas, The Honest firm employees room noticeably lacking in politics diversity. That has an unusually high ratio of employee who are members that the autonomous Party, at 72.0%. Employees seem to enjoy working in an otherwise varied workplace the is dominated by members of the autonomous Party. The Honest agency has an excellent employee retention v staff members usually remaining with the agency for 3.4 years.
Based in Santa Monica, CA, The Honest company is a medium-sized retail company with 558 employees and also a revenue the $95.8M.

The organization Mission

To empower civilization to live healthy, happy lives. We're cursed to producing effective, safe, delightful, accessible, responsible products.

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What DON'T friend Like around Working There?

Tough hours. So late night shift. Not wherein i want to retire.
Jessica Warren (Director) Eric Liaw (Director) Christopher Gavigan (founders) Jeremy Liew (Director) Muhammad Shahzad (cfo) Patty Wu (Executive Officer) Brian Lee (founders) Sean Kane (founders) Janis Hoyt (Executive Officer) Youngme Moon (Director) Greg Stanger (Director) Joel Cutler (Director) Craig Gatarz (Executive Officer) Jessica Alba (founders) Nick Vlahos (ceo) Nikolaos Vlahos (Executive Officer, Director, Promoter) rick Rexing (Executive Officer)

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The Honest company is ranked #64 ~ above the ideal Start-up companies to work For in America list. naipublishers.com's ideal Places to work-related lists provide unbiased, data-based evaluations that companies. Rankings are based upon government and also proprietary data on salaries, firm financial health, and employee diversity.

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while The Honest agency employees earn an mean yearly value of $57,799, various roles deserve to command various wages. The greater paying location at The Honest firm include an innovative director, owner/operator, an elderly software engineer, and sales associate. A typical creative director salary at The Honest company is $158,186 every year. To gain a far better sense that the salaries at The moral Company, other roles such as housekeeper and also warehouse associate deserve to be considered as well. Because that comparison, the location housekeeper in ~ The Honest company earns $24,975 every year.

Average Salary
On average, employees at The Honest firm stay with the agency for 3.4 years. Employee most frequently join The Honest company after leaving Target. When they leave The moral Company, they most frequently get their next job in ~ Amazon.com.
We calculate the diversity score of suppliers by measuring many factors, consisting of the country background, sex identity, and language skills of their workforce.

Of the 558 employee at The honest Company, 27.1% attended university of Texas in ~ Austin. Employee at The Honest agency most generally majored in Business, and also most employees’ greatest level of education is a Bachelors.

The Honest agency employees room most likely to be members the the democratic Party. The biggest donation made to a political party by a The Honest agency employee was by Brian Lee. Brian Lee donated $56,768 come the autonomous Party.

NameJob TitlePartyDonation

We calculated the power score of carriers by measuring multiple factors, including revenue, longevity, and also stock industry performance.

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The honest Company's mission explain is "To empower world to live healthy, happy lives. We're committed to producing effective, safe, delightful, accessible, responsible products."