McCartney Revisited

The premier Paul McCartney tribute act, The McCartney year recreate the sound of the previous Beatles" arena concerts down to a t. The group is led by Yuri Pool, who has dedicated himself to emulating McCartney"s vocal stylings and also wardrobe.The rest of the band is consisted of of Laura Gagnon, David Usselman, Braden DeCooman, Dean McKey, and also Hubert Orlowski.

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Pulling indigenous a library of end 250 songs, this band of significant musicians play monitor from Paul"s time v the Fab Four and Wings, and his early on solo material. Expect to hear whatever from "Lady Madonna," "Let it Be," "Band on the Run," "Live and Let Die," "Yesterday," and also many more classics. Everything from the setlist come the phase is true come McCartney"s tourism of the early 70s.


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Dave Noyes: “SO...SO...SO CLOSE to THE actual WINGS BAND...”

Just witnessed this concert in ~ the CCA tonight... Best BAND E-V-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More


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