The Originals: The Hollow's Backstory & fatality Explained The hollow was the key antagonist of The Originals’ final two seasons – here’s she backstory explained and also how she was lastly defeated.

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that was the hollow on The Originals and how did she die? The Mikaelson siblings and their allies confronted off versus all kinds of formidable foes ~ above The Originals – from Klaus’ protégé-turned-frenemy Marcel Gerard to their own parents Mikael and also Esther. The ‘fighting your own family’ theme ongoing when Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah met long-lost aunt Dahlia, a powerful witch hellbent on wreaking vengeance on the Mikaelson bloodline through claiming every generation’s first-born son – baby Hope Mikaelson included.

If the Mikaelsons thought defeating their aunt Dahlia was hard work, the Hollow showed they hadn’t seen anything yet. Introduced in the 4th season of The Originals, the hole was defined by Vincent Griffith together “the most powerful witch in all of history.” in ~ first, the hole only appeared in spirit type but was already solid enough to compel vampires, werewolves, witches and mere mortals to sacrifice lives so she can absorb much more power. Together the season progressed, it to be revealed the Hollow had her pendant working hard to collection her bones so she might resurrect in physical form.

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In The Originals season 4 episode “Voodoo In my Blood,” the Hollow’s backstory involved light. Long prior to the starting of brand-new Orleans, 2 rival indigenous American tribes of witches determined to unite. 2 members indigenous the tribes married and also had a child called Inadu the was imbued with magic through elder witches to do her powerful. Unfortunately, the child prospered up to it is in ruthless and power-hungry – an empty, unfeeling entity that earn Inadu the moniker of the Hollow. She go on come kill many of her tribe, and the elders were forced to enlist her mommy to kill her. Prior to she could, the Hollow actors a curse that turned her killers into the first-ever werewolves – making lock Hayley and also Hope’s ancestors.

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Hayley and Hope’s connection to the Hollow expected that they to be the just ones v the strength to damage her which made them specifically dangerous to the witch. The Mikaelson siblings were both a source of assist and hindrance come the hollow too. If the sacrifice the an original vampire would offer the hollow the strength she required to resurrect, the could likewise be offered in a order that would temporarily trap her. Despite everybody’s ideal efforts, the hole completed she resurrection making use of Elijah together collateral damage and although the corridor was eventually able to death her physical kind and get Elijah back, her heart possessed Hope. To save the young Mikaelson, she father Klaus, aunt Rebekah and uncles Elijah and Kol every took a piece of the Hollow’s spirit yet had to vow never ever to meet again lest the hollow reform.

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In the fifth and also final season the The Originals, the Mikaelson household were reunited in new Orleans and a currently teenaged hope channeled the Hollow’s spirit earlier into she body to prevent the death of all first-borns. The dark magic the the hollow was gradually damaging Hope native within, however, for this reason Klaus had the witch siphoned into himself to save his daughter. As soon as he and Elijah died at the finish of The Originals series finale, the hole finally died with Klaus and also her dark magic was damaged once and for all.