ONE || The book of Mormon is transformative. It have the right to transform united state from the organic man right into who we space meant come be. Every time we pick up that book, whether for hrs or for simply one verse, we obtain strength to fight our battles. It help us get wisdom the the Plan, and also find tranquility in our anguish. A little piece of sky enlivens our spirit with a brighter understanding of our blessed Father and also our love Brother. As we study its pages day by day and also bit by bit, it will change us. This revolution is what will carry us everlasting joy.

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TWO || This year has actually been stressful and scary. Much of what has arisen has been the end of our control. As soon as times choose this to happen in my life, I have actually take a step ago and asses what is many important, and also decide what i am in reality able come control. I cannot manage the pandemic. Ns cannot manage the choices of others. I cannot manage the toilet document shortage. But, ns can manage my everyday habits. I deserve to pray everyday. I deserve to read mine scriptures. Ns can affix with my household in my home and also around the globe. Together I gain control of these basic things ns feel mine fear start to dissipate.

When we are in search of peace, the seminary answers—prayer, bible study, love—almost seem also simple. Periodically we could think lasting peace deserve to only be found through great sacrifice or trial. Yet that is not the case. And Now is the time execute what us know, and what we know is what we have actually been taught: study, serve, pray, love, obey.

THREE || “I am here, and I recognize where girlfriend are. Simply do your best and also I will take treatment of the rest.” these words entered Elder Tai’s mind in ~ time of great anxiety and also doubt. Listening his story and this phrase has actually been the one thing that has held me with each other over the past few months. Since the pandemic, my “mom guilt” has significantly increased. I have actually been blessed with an ext time through my kids and husband, but I feel choose I am constantly failing as a mom, teacher, wife, ministering sister, and also all my other roles. However as I choose myself back up, I try to remember this words and also repeat lock in mine mind, “I to be here, and also I recognize where friend are. Just do your best and also I will certainly take treatment of the rest.” What a an excellent reminder the Christ’s love because that each of us as individuals. Our Savior to know YOU. That loves YOU. That is happy with any effort you give. What if every one us recurring this phrase to ourselves each morning before our day starts? just how would our days look at different? What anxieties and also guilt would certainly we have the ability to let go of? What adjust would we check out in ours self-confidence?

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\" through consistently applying the theory of Christ in our lives, we will get over inertia the impedes adjust and are afraid that foils action.\"