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General Commentemericanskater: sure.the really title of the song suggests that it needs to do with an event that should be maintained secret.the an initial verse discusses an illicit encounter in between two lovers, and is handle to the woman v whom the man is having actually an affair. The word "tryst" commonly connotes a secretive meeting between lovers, and the lines following it "neither clear nor descript," "kept the safe and slow," "no one ever before knows" show that the two lovers tried desperately to hide this meeting.the 2nd verse is addressed to the man"s wife, and it describes a bleak wedding, implying the the marriage of the 2 was doomed from the start, leading him to seek satisfaction with an additional woman--the one affiliated in the tryst that the an initial verse. As for the line around children, parents about to divorce regularly make it a allude to call their kids that the breakup is no their fault; this heat makes referral to that frequently heard phrase by inverting it, saying the the pair are so confused around this suddenly breakup the they desperately need a scapegoat, showing what a mess this affair has caused.the chorus is around the affair gift discovered. "keep the blood in your head and keep your feet top top the ground" is a plea for every parties associated to stay calm. The next two lines describe that he has actually grown exhausted of the marriage and so search affection elsewhere. However, in the results of his mam finding out, he starts to remorse his decision. "my human body in bed" refers no to his very own body, yet to his wife"s; "all for an north hotel" reveals that he has been kicked the end of the house and is now sleeping alone. The last line, "wasting words on lowercases and also capitals," indicates that he"s creating a letter of part kind, yet can"t discover the right words to express his feelings. Possibly this is an apology, or possibly being discovered out has actually driven him come suicide.the last refrain, "i lie for just you" is handle once an ext to the woman v whom he had actually been having actually the affair. "i lied well" and also the half-mumbled "hallelujah" sarcastically note that the wasn"t as great a liar as he thought he was, and his life has actually been thrown right into turmoil since of it.
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this song has actually nothing to execute with an actual marriage. The marital relationship is talked around as it"ll happen in the future. It hasn"t taken place yet, and it won"t. This song is about a male who gets his girl friend pregnant if their connection is a wreck. The hospital is due to the fact that she"s having actually an abortion. They feel prefer they"re forced to get married if she keeps the baby, for this reason they"re getting rid that it. So there was no wedding, over there won"t be. "i favor for just you and also i lie well" meaning, they"re going come lie to their parents as to why they damaged up."I contemplate the day we wedYour friends room boring me to deathYour veil is damaged in the rainBy then you choose to carry out withoutThere"s nothing new to speak aboutAnd despite our kids are blessedthe parents let lock shoulder every the blame"Their connection is a mess, and there wedding would have been too. Their kids would have actually been the factor for their marriage, "shoulder every the blame".