The heritage turnover proportion is an efficiency ratio that actions a company’s capacity to generate sales from its legacy by comparing network sales v average total assets. In various other words, this proportion shows how effectively a firm can use its heritage to generate sales.

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The full asset turnover ratio calculates network sales as a percentage of heritage to present how numerous sales are generated from each dollar of agency assets. For instance, a ratio of .5 way that each dollar of legacy generates 50 cent of sales.


The legacy turnover ratio is calculated by separating net sales by average total assets.


Net sales, discovered on the revenue statement, are used to calculation this proportion returns and refunds need to be backed the end of complete sales to measure the truly measure the firm’s assets’ capability to generate sales.

Average total assets are usually calculation by including the beginning and also ending complete asset balances together and also dividing by two. This is simply a simple average based on a two-year balance sheet. A much more in-depth, weighted mean calculation can be used, but it is not necessary.


This ratio steps how successfully a firm uses its legacy to generate sales, so a greater ratio is always an ext favorable. Greater turnover ratios mean the company is making use of its assets an ext efficiently. Reduced ratios typical that the company isn’t making use of its heritage efficiently and also most likely have actually management or production problems.

For instance, a proportion of 1 way that the net sales of a company equals the average complete assets for the year. In other words, the company is generating 1 disagreement of sales for every dollar invest in assets.

Like with most ratios, the asset turnover ratio is based on industry standards. Some sectors use assets much more efficiently than others. To get a true feeling of how well a company’s assets are being used, it should be contrasted to other companies in its industry.

The full asset turnover ratio is a general efficiency ratio that procedures how efficiently a company uses all of its assets. This gives investors and also creditors one idea of how a agency is managed and uses its heritage to develop products and sales.

Sometimes investors also want come see how companies use an ext specific assets like fixed assets and also current assets. The addressed asset turnover ratio and the working resources ratio are turnover ratios similar to the legacy turnover ratio that are regularly used to calculation the efficiency of these asset classes.


Sally’s Tech agency is a tech start up company that manufactures a brand-new tablet computer. Sally is at this time looking for brand-new investors and has a meeting through an angel investor. The investor desires to know how well Sally provides her legacy to develop sales, so he asks for she financial statements.

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Here is what the gaue won statements reported:

Beginning Assets: $50,000Ending Assets: $100,000Net Sales: $25,000

The complete asset turnover ratio is calculated like this:


As you can see, Sally’s ratio is just .33. This method that because that every dollar in assets, Sally just generates 33 cents. In other words, Sally’s begin up in not really efficient v its usage of assets.