The Simpsons: Bart vs. The an are Mutants

Developer: ImagineeringPublisher: Acclaim EntertainmentPlatform: NESReleased in US: April 25, 1991Released in EU: December 12, 1991

This game has surprise developer credits.

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This video game has unused graphics.
This game has unused items.
This game has a concealed sound test.

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The Simpsons: Bart vs. The an are Mutants marks The Simpsons" an initial foray right into the world of home video clip games. Too poor it"s a quite mediocre game.


In the very first stage, stand on the awning over Tool World"s door. Indigenous there, jump to the left, and shot to place yourself just to the ideal of the an initial bush girlfriend see. If done correctly, you should land on optimal of the grass. Push Down come drop down, and also the initials "RK" will fall from above. This additionally changes the adversaries on the left into the initials "LK/AK", though they will go back to normal if you leave the area.

These might be relatives of Garry and also Dan Kitchen, two of the game"s designers/programmers, or probably Jesse Kapili, the game"s artist.


In the second stage, the 2nd trash have the right to on the 2nd floor have the right to be jumped on consistently to relax a plethora of useful items, including coins, hats, a 1-up, invulnerability, and also even more mysterious initials:


These are probably relatives of Henry C. Will certainly IV, among the game"s programmers. Every one is precious one coin.


The third trash can likewise holds the same initials, but they space much more challenging to release here. The trash can acts together an 8-bit shift register; jumping on that while Bart is encountering left move in a 1, while dealing with right move in a 0. To get the items to appear, you require to efficiently enter their connected hex value. Run on the trash deserve to six time in the stimulate left, right, left, right, left, left (101011), and then two much more times to relax the equivalent item:

00 ($AC): RW01 ($AD): AW10 ($AE): KW11 ($AF): JW


On the same floor, previous the 3rd trash can, there is a black space in the background with an extra life above it and also gray pair of shoes to the left. Stand in the void under the extra life, jump, and also quickly push Up, B, Down in mid-air (you can hold the A button while law this). Things with Henry Will"s name composed in katakana will certainly drop under to the left:


This deserve to be done as plenty of times as you like, though only two that the items have the right to be on-screen at once. Collecting the article decreases the goal counter, as with hats do.

Finally, removed the 2nd stage miniboss"s hat while the X-Ray Specs are energetic will change the hat with the initials "AW".

In the third stage, start the happy Roulette mini-game. As soon as asked to choose a number, push A (not B!) on the number 5, 4, 3, 8, 6, in that order. An item with the initials "KMB" will appear to the right.

After start the fun House, proceed to the light Doors puzzle. To make these initials appear, you must open a specific sequence of doors before the timer expires. Because that the purposes of this puzzle, the doors are numbered 1-9; the bottom row is 1-3, the middle row is 4-6, and the peak row is 7-9. Open the doors in the stimulate 1, 2, 1, 1, 9, 5, 2, and an object with the initials "PJB" will appear.

In the tar pit with the dinosaur bones, was standing on the sheet of the an initial dinosaur"s neck, directly underneath the volcano in the background. Jump 10 times together high together you can, and an item with the initials "KAK" will certainly appear.

It seems that at the very least one additional secret item to be intended to show up somewhere in the Springfield Mall. It"s Blobert, the co-star of A Boy and also His Blob, an additional Imagineering game. Change ROM attend to $240A to worth $A4 and jump ~ above the second trash deserve to on the second floor of the Springfield shopping mall to view him.

These icons can be found amongst the other used icons for the inventory items of the video game HUD. There is no coding or names because that these items inside the ROM, only unused item v index $0B has name "ROCKET", has actually no picture associated with. It"s the exact same as consistent Rocket item, yet without a Rocket at all. You simply fire a match and there is no Rocket to fire.

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Sound Test


On the very first level, shooting the letter "E" the the "Kwik-E-Mart" sign with a rocket. This will certainly reward you with a Krusty head worth three extra lives, and also a new Sound test option! select it from her inventory by pressing the Select button, select a sound result by pressing Up or Down, then push Start to play it.

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