The Spencer Lee Band has actually backing indigenous Scooter Braun and also Freddy Wexler, and also a dead-on cover of The Wonder year theme.

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Spencer Lee has actually a huge voice the end of tiny Fort Scott, Kansas, and also the significant backing that will get it heard. We spoke on the phone critical week — now 25, he was raised in a little town and also literally scouted together a teen: after someone saw him perform at a local talent show, they dubbed up the grocery store where the worked, argued he come the end to L.A. To work-related on music, and also he quit on the spot.

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the moved permanent right ~ graduating high school, yet his career went not-so-up and mostly down. He got a grasp of songwriting jobs but ended increase living out of his car, ready to provide up — until a possibility meeting at a songwriting session v Freddy Wexler, who"s worked with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Selena Gomez… Freddy signed him and invited him come live in ~ his place, wherein they operated on Spencer"s album together.

On top of that break: Scooter Braun heard the music early and also was instantly hooked — notably, the popular music legend-maker encourage they leave a raw demo simply as that was, consisting of the room noise. He teamed up through Freddy to control him and brought ~ above Eric Valentine, the maaajor absent producer, to complete up the forthcoming project.

So plenty of pieces had actually to come with each other — and top top this The Spencer Lee band cover that "With A small Help From mine Friends," you carry out see why. Ns don"t also really favor this song! Beatles who, Spencer"s southern rock is undeniable. "There"s plenty of a song I can cover, to it is in honest, yet that song just takes a singer," the told me. "Like, a sanger, to yes, really pull that off, so ns was happy to take it the challenge. Taped it live, one take." Can"t yes, really fault his confidence in ~ this point, lol. "That song absolutely has the true meaning behind it," that adds. "I can back that up v my little bit of life story."

Fitting for a nine-piece group, The Spencer Lee band playing huge festivals this summer. "I hope to be yes, really exhausted," the said. "I"ve been told through Scooter, "You"re walk to it is in there as soon as you don"t recognize what time the is, whereby you are, what you"re doing. That"s when you"ll view if you"ll was standing the test of time." i beg your pardon I know I will. I"ve been wait for that minute for a lengthy time. I"m really excited to be super exhausted."