If you very own shares of a company, you may be wondering if you would acquire paid if the agency went bankrupt tomorrow. Who determines what her share the the assets will certainly be in a liquidation scenario? The price is crucial concept known as residual claims.

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Residual insurance claim Definition

The term residual insurance claim refers come a stockholders’ appropriate to its share of earnings in a liquidation script after all debt obligations have been paid.

Somebody who has usual shares the a firm has a residual insurance claim to that is assets, meaning that if the company went bankrupt and also was required to liquidate the assets, debt to banks and other creditors would be solve first, and also anything leftover would certainly be split up among the usual shareholders who have actually a residual claim.

It is listed that residual cases are occasionally referred to as “equity claims”.


Residual case Example

Pretend you are a 50% common shareholder that a landscaping company with debt on number of pieces of high-end equipment. The business also owns a commercial garage wherein it shop its equipment, however there is no debt associated with the genuine estate. During an financial recession, you begin losing customers and aren’t may be to make the loan payment on the tools which leader to bankruptcy. All of the business’s assets would be liquidated. After offering the equipment and real estate, you can pay off the debt owed on the equipment. There would likely be money leftover native the revenue of the real estate. As a common shareholder, you would have actually a residual claim to the leftover money.

Here is what her balance sheet would certainly look like prior to the liquidation:


Equipment: $550,000

Real Estate: $450,000


Debt ~ above landscaping equipment: $500,000

After liquidating the equipment and also real estate, you would receive $1,000,000 in cash. After ~ paying off the $500,000 in debt on the landscaping equipment, $500,000 would certainly be split up between the usual shareholders. Due to the fact that in this script you own 50% of the typical shares, you would certainly personally have actually a residual insurance claim to $250,000.

It’s essential to keep in mind that in plenty of bankruptcy scenarios, there generally isn’t money leftover. In fact, that’s more than likely the factor why they room going bankrupt in the very first place. The shareholder rarely get a large payout ~ a liquidation event.


Residual claims are critical concept to understand if you’re a typical shareholder that a company. If for every little thing reason the agency had come liquidate that assets, that always good to recognize what percent of the assets you would certainly be entitled to.

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Related Terms

Bankruptcy – A legit proceeding that involves an separation, personal, instance or corporation that is can not to repay that is debts.

Assets – property owned by an separation, personal, instance or business with economic value. Assets space reported on a companies balance sheet.

Liabilities – Something that is owed to one more individual or business. They are likewise reported ~ above the balance sheet.

Common Shareholder – An individual who owns at the very least one common share that a business. They deserve to vote on certain issues and are entitled to receiving usual dividends.