Season 11 the The wade Dead has been just one of the show’s many tense instalments yet together it has actually seen its personalities get take it apart and separated while introducing several fearsome brand-new foes to complete with.

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Episode 8 arrived at October third for fans watching at an early stage AMC+ and also followed ~ above October 10th for everyone else.

But now that episode 8 has aired, fans of The go Dead have been left asking as soon as they can expect season 11 to continue with illustration 9.

The walking Dead season 11 illustration 8 recap

Episode 8 that The wade Dead season 11 aired top top October 3rd for fans utilizing AMC+ when the episode adhered to on October 10th on the traditional AMC channel and October 11th for those the town hall on Disney+.

The illustration sees Maggie put her new walker herd come the test as the Reapers are compelled to defend their Meridian camp.

Pope suspects that Maggie is behind the attack, top tensions to rise between him and Daryl once again, who must tread closely to avoid suspicion.

Meanwhile, a vicious storm could spell hazard for Alexandria together the treacherous weather pipeline them open up to a pedestrian attack.


When is illustration 9 released?

Episode 9 the The wade Dead season 11 will certainly arrive in early 2022, particularly February 20th in the united state (21st in the UK).

Fans who desire to clock the episode early on AMC+ will be able to do for this reason on February 13th.

When The walking Dead was renewed because that season 11, it was shown that the final instalment would air in 3 parts.

The an initial of which began in respectable 2021 when the 2 remaining parts will air in 2022.

With part 2 (including episode 9) publication in February, it’s most likely that the final batch of episodes will most most likely hit displays in October to match the release dates of ahead seasons.


How plenty of episodes in total?

Season 11 the The go Dead will function 24 episodes spread over three parts, consists of eight episodes each.

The an initial of those 3 parts began airing on august 22nd if the staying two sections will arrive in 2022.

In the run-up come the season’s premiere, AMC teased a variety of details consisting of the titles of episodes 1-8.

Episode 1 | Acheron: part I – respectable 22ndEpisode 2 | Acheron: part II – respectable 29thEpisode 3 | pursued – September 5thEpisode 4 | Rendition – September 12th illustration 5 | out of the Ashes – September 19th illustration 6 | ~ above the within – September 26thEpisode 7 | Promises broken – October 3rdEpisode 8 | for Blood – October 10th

If things weren’t currently tough for The wade Dead’s characters, part 2 of season 11 is set to ramp up the comb even higher thanks to an impending reaper attack, a never-ending wave of difficulties affecting Alexandria and even life in the republic isn’t as tranquil as very first thought.

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The walking Dead season 11 returns to AMC for illustration 9 ~ above February 20th, 2022.

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