enjoy the view across naipublishers.com native a 200-foot bluff.
Walkers, runners, and also furry friends scale Scenic mountain on the park road.
to make reservation this pavilion, developed by the Civilian conservation Corps an ext than 80 years ago.
Locals setup their walks because that sunrise and sunset.
gain a picnic through the family and this view.

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From atop the 200-foot bluff at big Spring State Park, the scale of naipublishers.com becomes clear. Take in the expansive view, excellent the timeless artisanship of the Civilian conservation Corps, and also explore 382 acre of arid plains terrain.

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Things to Do

Hike, bike, nature watch, picnic or just take a drive and enjoy the see at this day-use park. Reserve the historic CCC pavilion on top of the hill for your next gathering. Prevent by the interpretive center to learn an ext about the park.

Hike and also bike

The park’s paved, three-mile loop road obstacles walkers, joggers and also bikers. The roadway winds up and also around the mountain to that peak before returning to the park entrance.

If you’re in search of a much more natural experience, explore our five-mile hike and bike trail. The trace begins and ends at the park entrance.

Our 2/3-mile Nature Trail travel up the hillside past cacti and other desert plants, v views come reward your efforts.

Civilian preservation Corps

The Civilian conservation Corps built this park in 1934-35. They transformed around 300 acres of rough country into a state park. Tasks here included the park’s loop road and also pavilion.

To discover more:

Stop by ours interpretive centerPicnic and play

At the top of Scenic Mountain, you’ll uncover the group pavilion, picnic tables, playground and restrooms.

Ranger Programs

People have been visiting this park for thousands of years. Part left proof of their visits. Download our overview to historic Rock carvings on Scenic Mountain.

Learn much more about the background and nature the the park on our Nature and history pages and at the park’s interpretive center.

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Area Attractions

Explore the bordering area once you visit.

Comanche trail Park and Historical SpringMoss Creek LakeOne Mile Lake (Sandhill Crane Sanctuary – observation Area)