Emery G. Doughtie, Mayor; Suetta S. Scarbrough, ar 1 Councilwoman; Rex Stainback, district 1 Councilmember; Sandra W. Bryant, ar 2 Councilwoman; Carl Ferebee, district 3 Councilmember; Wayne Smith, ar 2 Councilmember


Travel approximately the human being in 80 minutes! find the world’s largest collection the rare and also endangered waterfowl at Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in Scotland Neck. Once a private waterfowl breeding facility, Sylvan Heights is currently affiliated v the phibìc Carolina Zoo and also gives travellers the opportunity to watch over 1500 birds, specifically ducks, geese & swans, from an ext than 170 different species, few of the rarest and also most intimidated in the world like the White-Winged hardwood Duck from Sumatra.

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Visitors of every ages and also interests deserve to walk-through six continentally-themed aviaries, consisting of a multi-national aviary, suffering the diverse beauty, color and sound of this creatures. Sylvan Heights additionally features various other exotic birds such together crane, parrot, macaw, brush turkey, cockatoo, kookaburra, pheasant & currasow. A brand-new flamingo exhibit has actually just opened up with a feeding station. There is an amazing handicapped obtainable tree house, overlooking Sylvan Heights" herbal wetlands, and poison dart frog, carnivorous plants and also working bee hive exhibits. Future plans encompass a beaver pond blind wherein visitors have the right to quietly observe indigenous flora and also fauna undetected.

Sylvan Heights provides regularly reserved educational programming and also special events. A gift shop, gallery of wildlife art, playground, camping area and picnic tables are likewise at her disposal.

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Address: 1829 Lees meadow Rd, Scotland Neck, NC‎

Phone: (252) 826-3186 Fax# (252) 826-3273

Hours and Prices

Hours the Operation (Closed Monday, close up door Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

October come March: open Tuesday-Sunday: 9am come 4pm

April come September: open up Tuesday-Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Ticket Prices:

Children 2 years old and also younger- Free

Children 3 to 12 - $5

Ages 13 come 61 - $7

Senior citizen 62 years and also older - $5

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The Roanoke Rapids Theatre is the cornerstone of the Carolina Crossroads Music and Entertainment District, located at leave 171 off I-95 in Roanoke Rapids. The 1,500-seat, modern facility was built by the City of Roanoke Rapids in 2006 together a premier tourist attraction for the an ar and the State of phibìc Carolina. The Theatre supplies corporate conference facilities and performances consisting of nationally-known country, rock, gospel and also beach music acts, along with Broadway shows and various other theatrical productions.