So, Jim’s notice for today is “Could/Might/Should/Would.” I had actually a lot of trouble v this until I mental this song. I understand I usually execute a absent number for song of the Day, however I think you’ll choose this.

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Steve Allen, indigenous the Hyde Park ar of Chicago (had to acquire that in), was plenty of things: a talk-show host, comedian, author, musician, and also songwriter. He was the original host of The tonight Show, NBC’s late-night talk show that started running once TV was in its infancy, appproximately half of which to be him showing off his plenty of talents. That wrote countless songs (he said approximately 8500), including “This might Be The begin Of Something,” initially written because that the 1954 tv musical production of The Bachelor. Steve published the tune in 1956 and it became his theme song, and was carry out by lots of different performers, including Ella Fitzgerald, count Basie, Lambert Hendricks and Ross, Bobby Darin, Judy Garland, Pia Zadora (remember her?), Oscar Peterson, and also most significantly by Steve Lawrence and also Eydie Gormé. Ns should most likely note that, follow to Tom Poston (one of Steve’s regulars ~ above Tonight), the song was written by louis Nye (another Tonight regular), but I haven’t found any type of corroborating evidence. Here, the tune is performed on February 9, 1958 through Steve Allen, Ann Southern, Steve Lawrence and also Eydie Gormé, who are joined midsong by Dinah Shore and also Frank Sinatra. There are many an ext lyrics in the track as sung here than there are in the official song; my guess is the Steverino created them ~ above the method to the studio. Also, a lot of the location names (many of i beg your pardon refer to locations in new York City) have been adjusted to reference comparable places in Los Angeles.

You’re walkin’ follow me the street, or you’re at a party,Or rather you’re alone and then you all of sudden dig,You’re looking’ in someone’s eyes, you suddenly realizeThat this might be the begin of miscellaneous big.

You’re lunching in ~ Twenty-One and also watchin’ her diet,Declining a charlotte russe, agree a fig,When the end of a clean blue sky, it’s suddenly gal and guy,And this can be the begin of miscellaneous big.

There’s no controlling the unrolling of your fate, my friend,Who to know what’s created in the magic book.But as soon as a lover you find at the gate my friend,Invite her in there is no a 2nd look.

You’re increase in an aeroplane or dining in ~ Sardi’s,Or lying in ~ Malibu alone top top the sand,You all of sudden hear a bell, and right away you can tellThat this might be the begin of something grand.

This could be the begin of something very big,Why don’t girlfriend play her part?Please give your heart to me….and see.This might be the begin of miscellaneous wonderful,Why don’t you take a chance?Just shot romance v me….and see.

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Your watchin’ the sunlight come up and also countin’ her money,Or else in a dim cafe you’re notified wine,Then all of sudden there the is, and also you wanna be wherein he is,And this need to be the start of something…This might be the heart of something…This could be the start of miscellaneous big.