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"Anybody v TD Ameritrade who got shares indigenous FITX/FPFI still mirroring a wire of numbers rather of the ROAG symbol?" Yes. Me. What's up v this stock? It lastly shows together ROAG
.0375 in my account. I've seemed to inherit shares that were untradeable because that the critical 2 years from FITX/FPFI. my brokerage would certainly not take it them. Even though i asked numerous times. Did these shares ultimately clear? I'd prefer to have the ability to purge this cost-free garbage from mine account yet it tho says: this shares are at this time non-negotiable; This stimulate may an outcome in one oversold/overbought position in her account. Please examine your place quantity and/or open orders. This defense on OTC markets states: 9 turning back splits in the critical 30 years??? I have never watched one the bad.

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