The beef between Three 6 Mafia (and the rest of Memphis) and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony to be short-lived but intense. This track was possibly the highlight of the whole back-and-forth.

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Man it's cold together a mothafuck-, i wish I had actually some much more phonk or something man*This is Shaquisha Shalonda, Bone MagazineHere interviewing the Triple 6 Mafia from MemphisWho has a unique quality of rap styleWhat would certainly you do if someone tried come duplicate your ideas?*Well, i shall take a 1000 razor blades and press castle in their fleshTake mine pitchfork out the fire, soak that in your chestThrough the ribs, spines, charcoal the muscle tissueAnd send what's left back to yo mammyCause that bitch might miss youBut first, I want to progressively peel turn off all her skinDegreaser boillin hot, to water it ~ above you and your dead friendsI most likely outta be no be so horribly slaughtering the bodyI to be so naughty due to the fact that I to be moderately into photographyFollowing with the autopsyBut man, fuck it, pour part acid on them, tooThat's what I would do, skinny Pimp what would certainly you do?Just look into the eyes of the maskSlangin the AK to knock out my enemiesFear of the razor, da blast, he excellent passedLeavin no map of the evidenceBodies sit in box chopped increase in piecesHis spirit done rose, I placed them tubes increase under mine mattressMy conscience is black and also it's strangeCause ns murdered a bitch, and also the devil just rushin mine timeWith this 9 in mine hand causin death when you sleepIn the casket i make friend no killas in mindPullin a jack, with me the cheeseMake a stupid move, nigga ya bleedBustin 17, please don't scream, don't runEither long selection street sweepNever ever before run native the buckshots, bust 'em at ya backWhen I'm full of 'gnac, ain't no clueIn 2 deep, you sneak, we creep, Juiceman, what would you do?
First a nigga watch in the white pages for this bitchMafia-style nigga reason you don't understand who ya fuckin witCalled him at his fuckin homeNothing but breathin on the phoneWarnin authorize to let you know I'm comin so you far better be goneWhether ya operation I it is in stoppin yaWith the two nines i be poppin yaWitness a nigga from north Memphis the the Triple 6 Mafia2 killas in ~ yo former door, 3 killas in ~ yo back doorThese hoes peeked v the curtainsAnd witnessed them gats pointed in ~ the windowNothin yet destruction after us touched 'emMan I thought you knewThat's what I would do, Gangsta Boo what would you do?Think around a master setup on just how to bust castle bitches deadGangsta Boo the Devil's Daughter comin with the livin deadYes I'm therefore so crazy, so so scandalous, I will certainly hurt girlfriend bitchTorture your body through nothin but fireThen i calmly shoot girlfriend bitchBlast friend in yo head make certain you deadCause ns don't want you to liveMy words of wisdom:The weaker the victim the bigger the thrillThe Triple 6 Mafia carry out not feel sorry because that none of girlfriend dirty hoesWe complete of that weed so we continue to take her fuckin soulIt's no a problem when i buck you bitch, I perform it smoothThat's what the Devil's Daughter do, now FlyWhat would certainly you do?
Clizick v the real Triple 6 niggas because that yo deathAin't no shame up in mine game, together you take your last breathSix niggas trill, all set to kill, bustas, suckers jumpPull a fucked increase clickin on girlfriend niggas, paris gon ball, girlfriend punkTo girlfriend fuckin imitators, clock yo ass fuckin clickBite a Playa's style and slip, quickly you will certainly be stackin, bitchFly gon carry them human body bagsLord you touch the fuckin shovelDig that deep and bury that bitchLay 'em down there v the DevilBusta numb, redruM, Mr. I-B-N, foolOh that's what the Fly would certainly doNow Killaman what would you do?First ns hit increase Crunchy, and I get full of that holy GhostThe Devil's currently in me so i ain't gotta go too far to lookYou fucked up v the wrong clickSo her murder's all on my mindPlus Satan's inside, placed my hand come this plastic 9Burrnin indigenous the aim, my Glock to know moreEvery blink the the eyeBut before it's every over, you'll have actually two LugersIn your weak thighFall ~ above to her kness, currently it's time because that you come 'fessMy fist complete of fire, i punch a hole straight through yo chestSo any type of trick the wanna bite that this, everything, it's coolYou heard what I would certainly do, and also the Triple 6 entirety fuckin crew

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Nigga, live by yo rep yet i ain't takin shitWhen i blast on yo ass, I'm gon empty this clipNigga, live through yo rep reason we ain't takin shitWhen i blast top top yo ass, I'm gon empty this clipNigga, live through yo rep reason we ain't takin shitWhen i blast on yo ass, I'm gon empty this clipNigga, live by yo rep reason we ain't takin shitWhen i blast on yo ass, I'm gon empty this clipSee we can't tolerate no nigga that is LayzieBroke the end the blender and also I made part Krayzie gravyIt's Eazy, and also when it to be time to obtain BizzyDon't break, you deserve to Wish, but You can't escapeBecause we crave dead FleshTriple 6 bitch, quickly you deserve to be nextYeah, bitch, the Triple 6 MafiaBreakin motherfuckin bones favor it ain't shitFor the nine-nickle, beeyaaaaaatch!