POSTULATE 9 P9: through a point not top top the line, one and also only one line have the right to be attracted parallel come the line.

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Notice that suggest C is no on the line. Postulate 9 claims that only one line deserve to be attracted through suggest C and also be parallel come the line.

Can anyone define this please?

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THEOREM 3-14 In a plane, if 2 lines room perpendicular to a 3rd line, climate they are parallel to every other.

Given: l

t, m

To Prove: l| |m

Plan: usage P10




Hi Travis! hope you are alright.

Back ~ above topic, ns am going to answer the an initial one(terribly... I still tried... XD)

(the postulate number don"t matter it"s various for every textbook. I"m utilizing Jergenson.)

OK, let"s testimonial what a parallel heat means.

According come,

"Theparallel postulatestates the if a straightline intersects two straightlinesforming two internal angles ~ above the exact same side that include up to much less than 180 degrees, climate the twolines, if expanded indefinitely, will fulfill on the side on i m sorry the angles add up to less than 180 degrees."

Ok, so that"s the definition. Her thingsays:

"P9: v a allude not on the line, one and only one line deserve to be drawn parallel come the line.

Notice that point C is not on the line. Postulate 9 says that just one line can be drawn through suggest C and be parallel to the line.

Can anyone explain this please?"

Ok. There is no a stated point, there space an boundless amount of currently possible.

Then you have one point that is given, however you can likewise make limitless lines from the point...

So, as soon as we combine the facts, parallel and point C, we gain a parallel line simply hovering above the unnamed line.

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Feel cost-free to questioning questions due to the fact that I don"t know where you room stuck and also I just generalised it.